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COBRE Matrix Investigator Research

Investigator Projects

NameStart DateProject Title
Sophia Theodossiou20223D in vitro model of skeletal muscle development using stiffening silk biomaterials
Javier Ochoa-Reparaz2022Effects of sex-dependent susceptibility to CNS inflammatory demyelination on the intestinal mucosa
Konrad Meister2022Identification of Purification of Novel Ice-Nucleating Biomolecules For Cryostorage Applications
Ben Johnson2021Characterizing the Membrane Biophysics of Temporal interference for Selective Stimulation
Zhangxian (Dan) Deng2020Additive Manufacturing of Magnetically-Driven Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
Juliette Tinker2020Bacterial AB5 enterotoxin adjuvant activity on dendritic cell-extracellular matrix interaction and antigen uptake
Clare Fitzpatrick2019A Systems-level Computational Approach to Investigate the Initiation and Progression of Osteoerthritis
Brad Morrison2019VPS35 D620N inhibits autophagy through disrupted hyaluronic acid-CD44 signaling
Lisa Warner2019Elucidating the structure-function relationship of LARP6-mediated collagen mRNA transport
Richard Beard2017Mechanisms for matrix - dependent BBB dysfunction during neuroinflammation
Brad Morrison2017VPS35 D620N inhibits autophagy through disrupted hyaluronic acid-CD44 signaling
Lisa Warner2017The role of LARP6- mediated collagen of mRNA transport in fibrosis
Gunes Uzer2016Nucleoskeletal regulation of the chromatin dynamics and cell fate in response to mechanical signals
Troy Rohn2016The role of apoE4 cleavage in Alzheimer's disease
Don Warner2016Blocking Signaling of ECM and Tumor Cell Produced OSM
Rajesh Nagarajan2016Chemicals tools to modulate quorum sensing in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Jim Browning2016ECM production in response to plasma generated nitric oxide for chronic wound care
David Estrada20152-D Crystals as an ECM for Cell/Neuron Growth and Differentiation
Juliette Tinker2015Staphylococcus aureus surface adhesins as key vaccine candidates to prevent interactions with the host ECM
Allan Albig2014Investigation of a potential MGP negative feedback loop mediated by BMP, Notch, Runx2
Kristen Mitchell2014Consequences of AhR signaling during Liver Fibrosis
Cheryl Jorcyk2014OSM promotes breast tumor cell-ECM disruption resulting in invasion and metastasis
Trevor Lujan2014Matrix Mechanobiology in Ligament Repair
Owen McDougal2014Molecular Probes to Understand the Matrix Biology of Hedgehog Pathway Signaling and Basal Cell Cercinome
Daniel Fologea2014Peptide translocation through lysenin channels

Investigator Milestones

MilestoneYear 1Year 2Year 3
1Participate in monthly COBRE networking meetingsxxx
2Document monthly or more frequent interaction with mentorxxx
3Present research at national or international meetingxxx
4Present research at national or international meetingx
5Submit two manuscripts to a peer-reviewed journal of high impactxx
6Plan and write an NIH R01 with mentor review prior to submissionx
7Submit R01 prior to end of first yearx
8If R01 funding is obtained, graduate off COBRE fundingx
9If unfunded, review with mentor, address reviewers comments and re-submit R01x
10Re-package grant for submission to other agenciesx
11Submit a non-competing renewal package to the Steering Committeexxx