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How I Learned the Importance of Giving Back

By Sam Anderson

For the last year, I have worked for University Advancement at Boise State and learned how important charitable donations are to the operations of a university. I’ve also learned about myself.

As the recipient of a privately funded scholarship, I already knew about the impact donations have on a student’s educational career. What I did not know was how much private donors contribute to Boise State. A good portion of scholarships, programs, and other funds are supported by generous donors who really care about student success. These donors are alumni, friends, parents, employees and athletics fans. The sheer number of students who benefit from this help is simply amazing. It is hard to find a single student who has not been impacted — whether knowingly or unknowingly — by these donations.

One program that benefits from private gifts is the Dean of Students Emergency Fund, which helps students during unexpected events. This fund can be used in a variety of situations from medical emergencies to car problems, and assures that students in a crisis can continue to attend school. The emergency fund is just one of many scholarships that demonstrate how Boise State tries to care for students to make their education the best possible experience.

My work to help secure gifts that impact students has really made me proud of Boise State and all it does. I have seen firsthand the impact donors make on the lives of students, as well as the need for their support. My experience has really changed the way I see educational nonprofit organizations and has encouraged me to give as I am able. I’m grateful for Boise State and for all the kind people who are willing to give to support our students.

Thank you for all that you do for Boise State!

Sam Anderson is a senior studying anthropology. He will graduate in May 2020. Sam is the crowdfunding and Bronco Giving Day coordinator for the Division of University Advancement. Outside of his studies, Sam competes in Brizilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing and is the finance officer of the Boise State Anthropology Club.