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Help Your Student Finish Strong

Hi Bronco Families and Support Systems!

My name is June Mireles and I am one of the Family Orientation Leaders in the New Student Programs office. My team works closely with the Parent and Family Association year-round and we help families and support systems as they transition their students to life at Boise State. I am majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and I am heading into my final year at Boise State! This past year as a Bronco has been unlike any other. We have all had to lean into discomfort and adapt to a new normal, causing us to grow as a university in order to best protect us all. Many of us are looking forward to having the opportunity to recuperate this summer, and such a taxing year has left us to push through the last stretch of the semester. These feelings are normal– we are all feeling the end-of-semester burnout. Students and families have persevered through some of the hardest times this year, and it is important to remain positive as we head into the final two weeks of school following spring break.

Every student’s situation following the break is different, but regardless it is crucial for students to feel supported and comfortable heading into finals week. Throughout my experiences with online and in-person learning, I have found that there are a few tips and tricks that make finals week a little easier!

  1. Dedicate a space for learning
    With some students leaving campus following the break, it is important to have a place to complete schoolwork. Coming from a big family myself, I know that it is easy to get caught up in whatever is going on in the house and get side-tracked from my work. However, once I found a small area that was more quiet, I realized that I was more productive and successful with my work.
  2. Maintain a schedule
    Being away from campus in a virtual environment makes it tricky to maintain a routine that was established at school. I find that sticking to my usual schedule is so helpful with staying focused. Staying organized and compartmentalizing my day with Google Calendar and my planner make it easier to identify when I need to be doing school work and when I have the time to do other things with my family when I am home.
  3. Dining Deals (for those remaining on-campus)
    Boise State Dining offers free flex dollars for students who are staying at Boise State during and after Spring Break. We are giving $5 free when $20 is added to the student’s Bronco Card and each student can purchase the offer twice. Dining also has a recurring offer of free $10 flex when $90 is added to a Bronco Card, this offer can be done as many times as one wishes to and flex dollars can be used for 365 days from the date of purchase!
    The $10 free recurring offer can be purchased here.

We can do this, Broncos! We are on the final stretch!