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Do you have an interest in employee wellness programs on campus? Consider becoming a Wellness Champion!

Employee Wellness Champions

Wellness Champions are a group of employees that serve as the liaison between University Health Services and the almost 3,000 Boise State employees. Their primary responsibilities are disseminating information via email, hanging flyers in break rooms and other group areas, and making announcements during staff meetings about the current employee wellness programs on campus.

Established in 2015

Since the Wellness Champions group formed in March of 2015, participation in health and wellness programs on campus has drastically increased, meaning employees all over campus are more engaged in their personal well-being. By adding more champions to the group, more faculty and staff will be aware of wellness programs, and participation will continue to increase.

Champions will meet 1-2 times a semester, and they are provided information, resources, and wellness goodies.

What are our champions saying?

“I love being able to share my love of wellness with my coworkers. Many people feel anxious asking for help or resources. I am glad to be that resource!”

“I genuinely feel we are happier and more productive if we are well.”

Become a Wellness Champ!

Interested in joining this group? Apply to be a Wellness Champion