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Preventative Health Screenings

Check Yourself Out!

Through a partnership between Preventative Health and BroncoFit, Boise State is offering health screening clinics. Preventative Health is not affiliated with our on-campus health clinic.

The screening comes at no cost to you if you have verifiable insurance. If you are not on the Blue Cross of Idaho plan for Boise State employees, please call Preventative Health to confirm the screening will be covered with your plan. Please note that the current Graduate Assistant health plan is not contracted with Preventative Health and the screening would have to be paid for out of pocket.

Screenings take approximately 20-25 minutes.

Participants can complete a screening and see their primary care provider at no cost in the same year.

Upcoming Health Screening Clinics:

Screening includes:

  • Lipid Panel*
  • Thyroid Test (TSH)
  • Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP)*
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Prostate Screening (PSA)
  • Hemoglobin A1c (Diabetes)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Mass Index
  • Wellness Counseling
  • A COVID-19 Antibody Test is available, but it is not covered by Boise State’s Blue Cross of Idaho plan

Screening Requirements

*An 8hr fast is preferred for the CMP. Black coffee, tea and water are fine to drink.

Participants must present insurance card and photo ID.

For screening specific questions, please contact Brenna at Preventative Health: (208) 853-2273