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Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity

Launched in 2020, the Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity offers a service portfolio to assist with growing national demands for cybersecurity professionals while producing research to identify and stop cyber threats. Our mission is to serve as a cybersecurity education and research hub that is responsive to our students, community, partners, and nation. The goals of the Institute are to: Produce learners with core cybersecurity knowledge; Differentiate our cybersecurity graduates by combining leading curriculum and competency-building platforms; Ensure pathways exist to guide learners into cybersecurity careers; Contribute to solving the complex cybersecurity problems facing our nation through applied research that leads to solutions.

Community Impact

The Community Impact Program (CIP) is an outcome driven initiative designed in partnership with Boise State and active community stakeholders. This program is designed for students in rural communities in West Central Mountains (McCall and its surrounding areas), Mountain Home and the surrounding areas, and the Western Treasure Valley (Payette and its surrounding areas). Part-time and full-time students are able to complete their education through fully online programs while staying in their hometown, where they can use their skills and knowledge to enhance the social and economic vitality of their community.

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