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CAES July 2022 Newsletter

CAES AMSEF REU Program Halfway Mark!

The Center for Advanced Energy Studies Advanced Manufacturing for a Sustainable Energy Future Research Experience for Undergraduates Program Participants are officially settled in at Idaho Falls and have been working on their research projects. A big congratulations to CAES AMSEF REU Fellows Lydia Beardsley, Miranda Cardenas, Dylan Cox, Hayden Pritchard, Avery Rambur, Katelyn Shadley and Hannah Skye Smith, and INL intern Kari Perry for winning INL’s Innovation Week 2022 Net-Zero Collaboration Challenge.

Their proposal, “Bike Commuter Resource Center,” addresses the lack of bike accessibility in Idaho Falls and offers an innovative solution that includes education, information availability and community development to encourage INL employees to reduce their carbon emissions by biking to work. Their proposal has the potential to significantly reduce emissions related to employee commuting, which makes up 12% of INL’s total carbon emissions, while improving biker safety and enhancing employee health and well-being.

Hillary Fishler, the INL Program Coordinator stated: “I am consistently impressed with our REU-AMSEF fellows – particularly, I’m struck by their kindness towards one another and how they have worked as a cohort to create an inclusive and caring research community here at CAES.”

Cyberdome Featured in GeekWire

Boise State University wants to provide cybersecurity resources to rural organizations while also training future industry professionals. That’s the goal of Cyberdome, a new initiative run by faculty, staff, and students in partnership with Stellar Cyber as part of the university’s Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity. Cyberdome goes a step beyond other degree programs in cybersecurity by empowering students with real-world experience, working with clients and companies such as PlexTrac prior to entering the job market. There are more than 500,000 openings for cybersecurity jobs, but most entry-level positions require two to three years of experience in addition to a bachelors or masters degree.

Full Article Here: Cyberdome on GeekWire

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