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Sample Questions to Ask Employers

As you learned in the Career Fair Preparation video, it is very important to research the companies you wish to speak with before the fair, and prepare questions that are specific to that organization. Learn about their mission and goals, current projects and initiatives, challenges, etc., and prepare questions that:

  1. Show what you already know, and…
  2. Ask for more in-depth information about that topic

There are also some broader questions you may want to ask all of the companies you speak with. Use the lists below for ideas of topics you might ask about, but still customize these to fit you and the companies you’re speaking with!

If you’re graduating:

  • In addition to a degree, what other qualifications are you looking for?
  • What types of skills are the most important for success in this role and within your organization?
  • What experiences do you consider to be most valuable for this position?
  • What types of people do well within your organization?
  • How do you recommend I apply for this position?
  • What are typical career paths for college graduates starting in an entry-level position in _____ field within your company?
  • When reviewing resumes for this position, what are the top things you look for?
  • Do you have any other advice about how I can ensure my resume will stand out when applying to your organization?
  • Would it be helpful to include a cover letter with my application?
  • May I follow up with you if I have additional questions? How should I contact you?

If you’re not graduating yet:

  • What degrees or fields of study are most desirable within your organization?
  • In addition to my obtaining my degree, what else do you recommend I do to be competitive for your organization in the future?
  • Are there specific courses you would recommend I take?
  • What types of experiences are most valuable to you? (i.e. internships, volunteering, projects, research, leadership, etc.)
  • What is your top piece of advice for a student interested in eventually working for your company?
  • Does your organization offer any internship opportunities?
  • Does your organization have part-time positions related to my field that I may be able to apply for while completing my degree?
  • Would you be willing to speak with me further at a later date so that I can ask you more questions about this field and your organization and seek your advice?
  • What is the best way to contact you?