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Faculty and Staff Resources

In this video, learn about the resources available to faculty for integrating career preparation into their courses. This video is available with a transcript.

Did you know that Career Services is not just a resource for students?

Did you know that we are here to assist YOU in your work with students by providing career development expertise, tools, resources, support, training, and consultation?

Did you know that we have spent the last few years developing a wide range of tools and resources specifically for faculty and staff to use in classes and advising?

With the rising cost of tuition and higher-than-ever employer expectations, the stakes are high for our students. Learn more about how you can support our students in preparing for meaningful post-graduation employment.

We Provide:

  • Online, interactive eLearning modules for use in or outside the classroom
  • Career planning curriculum for classes, activities and assignments that can be used in advising
  • Access to web resources for career and job market information and identifying career options by major
  • Career assessments we can facilitate with your class or group
  • Personalized presentations and workshops upon request
  • Consultation on ways in which to incorporate career planning into your courses or work with students
  • Custom curriculum or course development assistance

Find your Career Services Liaison

Get career resources you can use now!

What can I refer a student to Career Services for?

We have a staff of career counselors and job search advisors who can help students with almost anything career-related, including:

  • Choosing a major
  • Identifying a career path
  • Overcoming barriers to identifying a path
  • Planning and preparing for a particular career
  • Deciding whether to pursue graduate school
  • Searching for student jobs, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities
  • Searching for professional positions
  • Professional networking
  • Creating a professional online presence
  • LinkedIn
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Interviewing

Don’t forget to refer your students to our events, and join us yourself! We host or co-host professional networking events and opportunities for students to connect with employers, alumni, and faculty/staff, including career fairs, Meet the Employers/Meet the Professionals events, employer information sessions, and part-time/on-campus/summer job fairs.

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