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Module 1 Supplemental Curriculum

Below, you will find a menu of possible in-class activities and assignments you can use to help your students further process and apply the information they learned in this module. Click on the link to download a Word document containing the instructions and all corresponding materials for each activity or assignment.

Downloadable Activities and Assignments


Class Discussion – Reality Check

This whole-class discussion allows students to react to the information presented in the “Reality Check” portion of this module. In addition to examining sources of contradictory messages, it focuses on getting students to process the information and explore how this knowledge can empower them in their career preparation. A detailed discussion outline is provided. Download the Reality Check Discussion Outline (Word document)

Class Discussion – Factors in Making a Career Decision

Following up on the “corkboard” activity in this module, this whole-class discussion allows students to further examine some of the factors commonly considered when choosing a career, learn from the differing experiences and perspectives of others, and explore their own values and beliefs regarding career choice. A detailed discussion outline is provided. Download the Factors to Consider Discussion Outline (Word document)

Gathering Clues about Interests, Abilities, and Values

This activity is not a formal assessment, but simply an opportunity for students to begin evaluating their interests, abilities, and values, and how those translate into criteria for a future career. Students will complete a worksheet that will have them generate lists of interests, abilities, and values using a series of brainstorming questions, then use that information to create a list of tentative criteria that can be used to evaluate potential career options. Students will then break into small groups and complete an activity that involves using each group member’s criteria to either guess the career path the student has chosen, or help him brainstorm possible career options. Download the Gathering Clues Activity Materials (Word document)

Transferable Skills Group Brainstorm Activity

This activity will give students the opportunity to work with classmates and think about how the 9 professional skills critical for employability can be gained or demonstrated through typical types of “student jobs.” Each group will be assigned to one such type of job, and will present their ideas to the class. Materials include faculty instructions and a worksheet. Download the Transferable Skills Activity Materials (Word document)

Group Completion Option

If you would prefer to guide your students through this module in class rather than having them complete it on their own, here is how you can do it. Options for how to turn each activity and quiz slide into a discussion or in-class activity are provided, as well as 2 worksheets. Download the Group Completion Option Materials (Word document)


Reflective Writing

Choose from three different prompts that have students process the information they learned and reflect on their perceptions about college and employability. The topics include evaluating factors that can be considered in making a career decision, assessing personal criteria for a career and how that relates to job market data, and assessing your current progress through the Career Planning Process. Download the Reflective Writing Assignment Instructions (Word document)

Holland Codes and Careers

Students will enter the Holland Code they came up with for themselves in the “Guess Your Holland Personality Type” activity in the module into O*NET to generate lists of potential matching career options, and will write a short paper discussing that experience. This will give students undecided about a career a chance to explore career options, and decided students a chance to verify if they are on the right track. Student instructions include background information on Holland’s Theory of Career Choice and a walk-through of using O*NET. Download the Holland Codes and Careers Assignment Materials (Word document)

Locating Online Resources

This assignment is an exercise in seeking out online resources and information at Boise State. While we can tell or show students where to find different things on a website, the look and organization of sites change frequently, so it’s important that students are practiced in searching for what they need. This online-scavenger-hunt-type activity will have students seek out specific resources on the Career Services website, giving them valuable practice while also raising their awareness of the resources available. The worksheet they will turn in for credit is included. Also included is information on making this an in-class activity if desired. Download the Locating Online Resources Assignment Materials (Word document)