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Module 2 Supplemental Curriculum

Below, you will find a menu of possible in-class activities and assignments you can use to help your students further process and apply the information they learned in this module. Click on the link to download a Word document containing the instructions and all corresponding materials for each activity or assignment.

Downloadable Activities and Assignments


Class Discussion – Choosing a Career: Passion vs. Practicality

This whole-class discussion will help students process what they learned in this module about making a career choice that balances passion and practicality. A discussion outline is provided. Download the Class Discussion Outline (Word document)

Personal Interests and Career Interests Discussion and Activity

Students often have a hard time differentiating between personal (hobby) interests and career interests when deciding upon a career, and when they rule out making a hobby into a career, they often fail to consider what else that hobby could tell them about their ideal career. This discussion and activity will allow students to assess their own beliefs about personal interests and career choice, as well as identify characteristics of their hobbies that could translate into other types of careers. Background information to help you facilitate the discussion, a discussion outline, and a worksheet are provided. Download the Personal Interests and Career Interests Activity Materials (Word document)

Greatest Accomplishments Activity

This is a relatively short activity involving a worksheet and small group discussion that will allow your students to begin assessing their abilities. Download the Greatest Accomplishments Activity Materials (Word document)

Tough Decisions (Prioritizing Your Values) Class Discussion and Activity

Students will contemplate six different scenarios that involve prioritizing work values in order to make a decision. You will facilitate a discussion of each scenario which will help students clarify their values and priorities, and after discussion of each scenario, students will have to identify and write down what their chosen course of action in that scenario tells them about their values. The worksheet students will complete (including the scenarios) and faculty instructions for how to facilitate the discussion are provided. Download the Tough Decisions Activity Materials (Word document)

Values Auction

This activity involves conducting an actual auction in your classroom (using play money, of course). Students will have a chance to review a fairly long list of common work values and think about which they would like in a career, and having to budget and compete with others for the values they want will force them to prioritize their values. Faculty instructions, the student worksheet, values cards, and (printable) play money are provided. Download the Values Auction Activity Materials (Word document), and download the Values Auction Play Money (Word document)

Group Completion Option

If you would prefer to guide your students through this module in class rather than having them complete it on their own, here is how you can do it. Options for how to turn each activity and quiz slide into a discussion or in-class activity are provided, as well as 3 worksheets. Download the Group Completion Option Materials (Word document)


Reflective Writing

Choose from several different prompts that will help students process the information they learned. Two prompt options are available for classes that have only completed the module, and an additional five are available that follow up on the in-class activities above. Download the Reflective Writing Assignment Instructions (Word document)

Sigi 3 Career Assessment

If you would like to have your class take our most popular career assessment, which will allow your students to assess their interests, abilities, and values, as well as generate lists of potential career options and help them begin researching options, your Career Services liaison will help you set that up. Included are the steps you will need to take and standard Sigi instructions for classes. Download the Sigi Career Assessment Instructions (Word document)

Complete All Questions

This assignment will have students work on assessing their interests, abilities, and values by answering ALL of the example questions presented in the module. The student “worksheet” is set up for electronic completion. Consider pairing this assignment with the “Criteria for My Ideal Career Assignment” below. Download the Complete All Questions Assignment Materials (Word document)

Criteria for My Ideal Career

This assignment requires prior completion of the “Complete All Questions” assignment above (OR can be modified). Students will take the interests, abilities, and values generated from the “Complete All Questions” assignment and reorganize them into “Essential,” “Wish List,” and “Not Important” categories as shown in the module. This assignment is also set up for electronic completion. Download the Criteria for My Ideal Career Assignment Materials (Word document)