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Module 7 Supplemental Curriculum

Below, you will find a menu of possible in-class activities and assignments you can use to help your students further process and apply the information they learned in this module. Click on the link to download a Word document containing the instructions and all corresponding materials for each activity or assignment.

Downloadable Activities and Assignments


Class Discussion – Perceptions about College and Employability

This whole-class discussion delves into motivation for coming to college, the influential messages students have received throughout their lives about college and career preparation, and the beliefs they have held about the role a degree plays in employability. A discussion outline with guiding questions is provided. Download the Class Discussion Outline (Word document)

Group Activity – Opportunities to Gain Skills outside the Classroom

This activity will give students the chance to brainstorm specific ways in which the nine types of opportunities described in this module could help them develop and demonstrate the skills critical for employability. Activity instructions and a worksheet groups will complete is included. Download the Gaining Skills Outside the Classroom Activity Materials (Word document)

Resume Bullets Activity

This activity has the dual benefit of helping students assess the ways in which they have demonstrated the skills critical for employability outside the classroom, and teaching them how to describe their skills on a resume. A student handout that doubles as the worksheet for the activity contains all the information your students need to learn how to compose effective resume action statements. Download the Resume Bullets Activity Materials (Word document)

Group Completion Option

If you would prefer to guide your students through this module in class rather than having them complete it on their own, here is how you can do it. Options for how to turn each activity and quiz slide into a discussion or in-class activity are provided, as well as 3 worksheets. Download the Group Completion Option Materials (Word document)


Reflective Writing

Choose from several different prompts that have students process the information they learned and reflect on their perceptions about college and employability. Download the Reflective Writing Assignment Instructions (Word document)

Informational Interview

Students will conduct an informational interview with a professional working in the career field they plan to pursue (or are considering, in the case of undecided students). They are provided with a list of questions to ask, which focus on the topics covered in this module – what kind of education, skills, experiences, and contacts they will need to be competitive for jobs in that field. (This assignment is different than the Module 4 informational interview assignment. You can and are encouraged to assign both.) Materials include faculty instructions, student instructions, and an informational interviewing tip sheet. Download the Informational Interview Assignment Materials (Word document)

Team Project – Opportunities Research

Students will be broken into 8 groups, and each group will research one of the nine types of opportunities discussed in the module to gain the skills, experiences, and contacts necessary for employability. Each group will create a 5-minute presentation to educate the rest of the class about the opportunity and how to go about taking advantage of it. Student instructions, including a presentation outline and guidelines specific to each of the 8 groups are included. Download the Opportunity Research Assignment Materials (Word document)

Individual Research & Paper

This modified version of the above assignment has students complete their research independently, and results in a paper instead of a presentation. Student instructions, including a list of topics to be included in the paper, and tips for researching each opportunity type are included. Download the Independent Opportunities Research Assignment Materials (Word document)