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Western Aircraft renews SHARP designation with The Idaho Occupational Safety & Health Consultation Program

Western Aircraft renewed Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) designation for the 17th year this August and remains dedicated to occupational health and safety. Western Aircraft is located in Boise, Idaho, and offers full-service certified aircraft repair and factory authorized maintenance/modification for various aircraft.

Western Aircraft employees stand outside building with SHARP award flag

A program in the Center for Excellence in Environmental Health and Safety at Boise State University, The Idaho Occupational Safety & Health Consultation Program (OSHCon), collaborates with multiple companies throughout Idaho to support continual improvement of workplace health and safety and compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations. OSHCon aims to better protect employees, while also having the potential to boost productivity and reduce medical and insurance costs for employers.

Companies that demonstrate exemplary achievements in occupational safety and health can receive SHARP designation through OSHCon and are exempt from OSHA inspections for one to two years. It can take a company years to achieve this status.