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September 2021 Employee of the Month – Jeremy Daniels

Jeremy Daniels has been named the September 2021 Employee of the Month. Jeremy never turns down a student in need of assistance or an instructor with a question. He will always take the time to help others. He is foundational to the running of our Chemistry labs here at Boise State and, without the effort he put in during August/September to set us up for success, we would be in a much worse situation. The stockroom has been stretched thin due to Tyson’s departure, but Jeremy has done a great job of jumping into a new role and getting the job done.

Jeremy makes everyone he encounters feel appreciated and valued, whether they be a student, colleague, or BSU employee. He is very good at ensuring people are listened to and heard then he positively reinforces their worth or skills. Jeremy’s patience for others is VERY high!

Jeremy is very good at staying until each project is finished and he is engaged in every part of each step of the process. He has managed to balance doing parts of two LSC positions while training new students and the lab manager on the unique responsibilities of upper division labs. Jeremy has been going over the top to make things work in the labs this semester. He helped make a new experiment work in the organic 2 lab, and he has been working extra diligently to ensure the advanced synthesis labs run smoothly.

Rarely will anyone see Jeremy annoyed or upset, and he usually just takes a minute to process his emotions then moves on to the next task should he encounter a stressful situation. He is increasing his ability to hand over responsibilities to others and let them grow into better chemists, which is a difficult task for anyone!

We are lucky to have Jeremy! I want to thank Jeremy for his tireless efforts!