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November 2021 Employee of the Month – Lisa Warner

Lisa has a can-do attitude and is driven to set a high bar in all that she does. She has created an inclusive faculty hiring process that directly engaged 11 faculty and 49 staff, students, and faculty from other departments and colleges including BMOL and Engineering in candidate evaluation. Also, Lisa worked tirelessly with Jenny to coordinate schedules, ensure access to materials, and provide a process that constitutes the gold standard in what can be done associated with candidate evaluation. AND then she took the lead on the NSF MRI proposal to coordinate another team to upgrade our aging 600 MHz NMR spectrometer. Lisa has been working through days, nights, and weekends this past semester. Her dedication and commitment are above and beyond the call of duty.

Lisa’s work spans across campus. People like to work with her because she listens to what they have to say, is thoughtful about including others, and she assumes positive intent in conversations. She has established herself as a force multiplier on campus. Through collaboration and collegiality, she inspires her students and colleagues to contribute. Lisa embraces challenges and gives credit for successes. She inspires enthusiasm.

Lisa’s work performance is exceptional. As the Graduate Coordinator, she personally guides students through the program and keeps them up to speed on their many program requirements. Lisa works well with the other members of the Graduate Committee. She takes every opportunity to secure resources to support students and recruit new students into the program. She pushes the limit of what can be done at Boise State University. Lisa is ambitious in her pursuit of external funding to support her research students and activities. She runs a large group with personnel ranging from postdoc and technician to a small army of undergraduate students.

It is with fond appreciation for the outstanding performance of Dr. Lisa Warner that she has been selected as our November employee of the month. As stated by one of the nominators, “Lisa is amazing!”