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January 2022 Employee of the Month – Nicole Cornell

It is our pleasure to announce Nicole Cornell as our Employee of the Month for January 2022. Nicole has been doing double duty with Kathleen out on leave, and she has been stepping up to provide her assistance to the Graduate Committee and department chair with coordination of strategic planning. During the month of January, she has really engaged to fill the void in the Chemistry Instructional Center, and represent our mission to promote student success. Nominators provided the following commentary on behalf of Nicole’s attitude and commitment, interpersonal skills, work performance, and personal traits.

In January, Nicole volunteered to coordinate the Science Olympiad, she is a leader for the department in the planning for Bronco Day, and she has led the culture committee to generate tactics for the strategic plan.

Nicole has assumed responsibility, during the month of January (and December), to take on student advising while Kathleen has been on leave. The beginning of a semester is a particularly busy time to take on student advising, but it is a great benefit to students to have someone to ask and help guide them as they settle into their schedules.

Nicole has been integral in successfully sending (and dealing with the aftermath of the sending) at-home lab kits. At the beginning of the semester, a busy time for both the CIC and advising, Nicole spent extra hours making sure both jobs were completed. Through these challenging times, Nicole has maintained her focus on students, their satisfaction, and their success.