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March 2022 Employee of the Month – Christina Mottishaw

It is our pleasure to announce Christina Mottishaw as our Employee of the Month for March 2022. Christina has an exemplary attitude and always displays such great interpersonal skills in working with everyone. Since stepping into the role as Laboratory Manager, Christina has demonstrated exemplary work performance, and serves as a role model of the best attitude and commitment to be found. Christina has gone above and beyond to assist with the Science Olympiad! She has volunteered to help Nicole with the environmental competition, and she has taken responsibility to coordinate with the stockroom for the event.

Christina was very involved with department hires over the past several months. She is very impressive in her communication with candidates and asks thought provoking questions. Christina is a natural leader. She rallies others to participate in activities and she always takes initiative to appreciate the work of others and nominate her coworkers for awards and recognition.

It’s not easy stepping into the role of managing a team, but Christina has proven herself a graceful and eminently competent leader. She never fails to inform everyone about building issues coming up with enough time for everyone to respond back and avoid unnecessary crises. She does the tedious work that needs doing, like gaining approval from FOAM to get periodic tables hung in classrooms that can stay from semester to semester. She is very knowledgeable with aspects of her position, like safety, ordering, waste, infrastructure, interpersonal communication, and many others. Christina has a can-do attitude and accommodates changes that faculty seek to make in complex lab offerings like Advanced Synthesis, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical, and others.