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Using plasma to kill germs.

Photo of cold plasma instrumentation in operation
cold plasma instrumentation in operation

Using plasma to kill germs sounds like a plot from a science fiction movie, but Drs. Ken Cornell (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Sin Ming (Electrical and Computer Engineering), and Jim Browning (Electrical and Computer Engineering) seek to make this science reality in modern medicine. Plasma is a fourth state of matter in which at least 5% of the atoms are ionized (meaning the atom has lost one or more electrons). The vast majority of observable matter in the solar system is plasma, primarily in the sun. These three professors were awarded the NIH Trailblazer award, whose purpose is to “pursue research programs of high interest to the National Institutes of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering that integrate engineering and the physical sciences with the life and/or biomedical sciences.” For more information see the original article on the COEN news site: .