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Python Training Workshop

August 14-17, 2023
Screenshot of program with the Python language with lines of code and a line graph

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Associate Professor Oliviero Andreussi will be conducting a Python training workshop this Summer. As part of his grant from the COAS Innovation Hub, Dr. Andreussi has organized a four-day training workshop for course and lab instructors at Boise State.

Learning to program and to use computational tools is becoming crucial in most fields of research and work with STEM fields. Computer software used in classes or labs is still mostly the Office suite of programs. However many job opportunities now require more modern languages and tools. Python is fast becoming one of the dominant languages, thanks to its ease of use and its widespread adoption in data-science and machine-learning developments.

The goal of this workshop is to familiarize course and lab instructors with the Python programming language, and to develop course contents using Python and Jupyter Notebooks as alternatives to Excel.

The course is open to all research and clinical faculty, lab instructors, and if space allows, postdoctoral associates. Participants will receive a supplementary pay of $500 (or $25/hour of training).

Python Training Workshop highlights

Introductory tutorials with modules that encompass:

  • data analytics
  • scientific simulations
  • data visualization

Project-based course: every participant will be expected to develop a plan for one experience they want to develop using Python, i.e.

  • lab modules
  • data analysis
  • a simulation experience

Support for course development will continue beyond the duration of the training

Please join Dr. Andreussi for this learning opportunity! The workshop will be held August 14-16 from 10am to 5pm, and August 17 from 9am-12 Noon, in the Hibbs Conference Room, Room 332 of the Science Building.


Contact Oliviero Andreussi, PhD for more information.

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