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Don L. Warner, Ph.D.


Organic and Medicinal Chemistry


Office: SCNC 315

Phone: (208) 426-3030

Research Interests:

  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery
  • Chemical Education

Undergraduate Research Assistant

What am I looking for in an undergraduate research assistant?

What courses would you recommend students have taken prior to working in your laboratory? 

  • General Chemistry

How many hours per week do you expect a student to spend in the laboratory per research credit and does the time have to be a set schedule?

  • 10 hours per week, per credit. The student’s schedule can be flexible, however once the student chooses their schedule, it is set for the semester.

Ideally, for what length of time would a student research in your laboratory to achieve a meaningful research experience?

  • 3 – 4 semesters

Educational Background

2002: Ph.D. – Chemistry | University of Michigan

1998: M.S. – Chemistry | University of Wisconsin

1995: B.S. | University of Utah

Research Overview

Recently, our research interests have focused on the topics listed below:

  • Synthesis of Small Molecules for Inhibition of Pro-Metastatic Cytokines
  • Synthesis of Cytotoxic Anticancer Agents
  • Mechanistic Studies of and Related to Anticancer Agents
  • Impact of Research Experiences on Student Learning

Select Publications (2018-2022)

“Cultivating a New “SEED”: From an On-Ground to Online Chemistry Summer Camp” Louis S. Nadelson, Racquel C. Jemison, Estefany Soto, and Don L. Warner. J. Chem. Educ. 2022, 99, 129–139,

“Bioactive recombinant human oncostatin M for NMR-based screening in drug discovery” Olga A. Mass, Joseph Tuccinardi, Luke Woodbury, Cody L. Wolf, Bri Grantham, Kelsey Holdaway, Xinzhu Pu, Matthew D. King, Don L. Warner, Cheryl L. Jorcyk & Lisa R. Warner. Sci Rep 2021 11, 16174,

Center of Biomedical Research Excellence in Matrix Biology: Building Research Infrastructure, Supporting Young Researchers, and Fostering Collaboration Oxford, Julia Thom ; Cornell, Ken A. ; Romero, Jared J. ; Smith, Diane B. ; Yarnell, Tracy L. ; Wood, Rhiannon M. ; Jorcyk, Cheryl L. ; Lujan, Trevor J. ; Albig, Allan R. ; Mitchell, Kristen A. ; McDougal, Owen M. ; Fologea, Daniel ; Estrada, David ; Tinker, Juliette K. ; Nagarajan, Rajesh ; Warner, Don L. ; Rohn, Troy T. ; Browning, Jim ; Beard, Richard S. ; Warner, Lisa R. ; Morrison, Brad E. ; Fitzpatrick, Clare K. ; Uzer, Gunes ; Bond, Laura ; Frahs, Stephanie M. ; Keller-Peck, Cynthia ; Pu, Xinzhu ; Woodbury, Luke G. ; Turner, Matthew W. Less INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES Volume 21 Issue 6 Published 2020

ACS Project SEED: The next 50 years Warner, Don CHEMICAL & ENGINEERING NEWS Volume 97 Issue 36 Page 40-40 Published 2019

Synthesis of substituted heterocycles to inhibit a pro-metastatic cytokine Tuccinardi, Joseph ; Skluzacek, Kelsey ; Muhammed, Thaaer ; Ashton, Carsten ; Wolf, Cody ; King, Matthew ; Jorcyk, Cheryl ; Warner, Don ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Volume 257 Published 2019

Celebrating Project SEED’s impact Warner, Don CHEMICAL & ENGINEERING NEWS Volume 96 Issue 11 Page 49-49 Published 2018

Select Grants (2018-2022)

2022-2025 “Small Molecule Inhibitors of the Inflammatory Cytokine Oncostatin M”; National Institutes of Health-National Cancer Institute; 04/22-03/25; role: PI.

2022-2023 “Solving NMR structures for OSM bound to novel OSM-small molecule inhibitors to develop improved compounds for the inhibition of breast cancer metastasis”; University of Washington Institute of Translational Health Sciences; role: Co-PI (L. Warner, PI)

2018-2022 “High impact therapeutic for the elimination of breast cancer metastasis to bone”; METAvivor. The Quinn-Davis Northwest Arkansas METSquerade Fund Research Award; role: Co-PI (Jorcyk, PI)

Idaho INBRE Pilot Project Warner – INBRE – U of I

Honors and Recognition

Recognized 8 times as a Boise State University “Top Ten Scholars Honored Faculty Member”

2022    American Chemical Society Fellow

2022    Boise Rotary Century Scholar’s “Significant Educator”

2017: Boise State Foundation Scholar Award for Teaching

2014: College of Arts and Sciences Award for Distinguished Teaching

2010: ASBSU (Boise State student government) Golden Apple Award for the Arts and Sciences

2007: Provost’s Excellence in Advising Award for the College of Arts and Sciences

2004: ASBSU Student’s Choice Outstanding Faculty Member for the College of Arts and Sciences

2003: ASBSU Student’s Choice Outstanding Faculty Member for the College of Arts and Sciences

2001: Hoffmann-La Roche Award for Excellence in Organic Chemistry

2001: Bristol-Myers Squibb Graduate Fellowship in Synthetic Organic Chemistry