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Jeunghoon Lee, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Organic & Materials Chemistry


Office: SCNC 324

Phone: (208) 426-3000

Research Interests:

  • Nanomaterials
  • DNA nanotechnology
  • Colorimetric sensing
  • Materials chemistry

Undergraduate Research Assistant

What am I looking for in an undergraduate research assistant?

What courses would you recommend students have taken prior to working in your laboratory?

  • General chemistry, analytical chemistry, and organic chemistry

How many hours per week do you expect a student to spend in the laboratory per research credit and does the time have to be a set schedule?

  • 4 hrs/credit, schedule can be flexible

Ideally, for what length of time would a student research in your laboratory to achieve a meaningful research experience?

  • 3 semesters including the graduating semester

Educational Background

2005-2008: Postdoc | Northwestern University

2005: Ph.D. | University of Connecticut

1996: M.S. | Seoul National University

1994: B.S. | Seoul National University

Research Overview

After completing his PhD from University of Connecticut in 2005 and postdoctoral fellowship at Northwestern University, Dr. Jeunghoon Lee joined Boise State University as Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry in 2008. He was promoted to Associate Professor and has been holding a joint appointment between the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Micron School or Materials Science & Engineering since 2014. Since his arrival at Boise State University in 2008, Dr. Lee has been a member of NanoMaterials and Devices Group (NMDG). His research interest and expertise includes functional nanomaterials via DNA nanotechnology, biosensing using dynamic DNA networks, and DNA-assisted assembly of quantum coherent dye systems.

Select Publications (2018-2021)

S. Barclay, S. K. Roy, J. S. Huff, O. A. Mass, D. B. Turner, C. K. Wilson, D. L. Kellis, E. Terpetschnig, J. Lee, P. H. Davis, B. Yurke, W. B. Knowlton, and R. D. Pensack, Rotaxane Rings Promote Oblique Packing and Extended Excited-State Lifetimes in DNA-Templated Squaraine Dye Aggregates, Communications Chemistry, 4 (19), 1–11 (2021)

Biaggne, W. B. Knowlton, B. Yurke, J. Lee, and L. Li, Substituent Effects on the Solubility and Electronic Properties of Cy5: Density Functional and Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory Calculations, Molecules, 26(3), 524 (2021)

Olga A. Mass, Christopher K. Wilson, Simon K. Roy, Lance K. Patten, Matthew S. Barclay, Ewald A. Terpetschnig, Jeunghoon Lee, Ryan D. Pensack, Bernard Yurke, and William B. Knowlton, Exciton Delocalization in Indolenine Squaraine Aggregates Templated by DNA Holliday Junction Scaffolds, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 124 (43), 9636–9647 (2020)

Lysne, K. R. Jones, A. Stosius, T. Hachigian, J. Lee, and Elton Graugnard, “Availability-Driven Design of Hairpin Fuels and Small Interfering Strands for Leakage Reduction in Autocatalytic Networks”, J. Phys. Chem. B, 124 (16), 3326-3335 (2020)

D. L. Kellis*, C. Sarter*, B. L. Cannon*, P. H. Davis, E. Graugnard, J. Lee, R. Pensack, T. Kolmar, A. Jäschke, B. Yurke, and W. B. Knowlton, “An All-Optical Excitonic Switch Operated in the Liquid and Solid Phases”, ACS Nano, 13 (3), 2986–2994 (2019).

B. L. Cannon, L. K. Patten, D. L. Kellis, P. H. Davis, J. Lee, E. Graugnard, B. Yurke, W. B. Knowlton, “Large Davydov Splitting and Strong Fluorescence Suppression: An Investigation of Exciton Delocalization and in DNA-Templated Holliday Junction Dye Aggregates”, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 122 (8), 2086-2095 (2018).

Select Grants (2018-2021)

8/15/2019 – 8/14/2022

  • Optimizing DNA-assembled dye aggregates for quantum coherent exciton devices – Office of Naval Research

8/15/2019 – 8/14/2021

  • DNA-Controlled Dye Aggregation – A Path to Create Quantum Entanglement – US Department of Energy

8/15/2019 – 8/14/2021 

  • DNA-Controlled Dye Aggregation – A Path to Create Quantum – US Department of Energy

7/1/2017 – 6/30/2021

  • Rapid Colorimetric Detection of Biomarkers via Catalytic Disassembly of Gold – National Science Foundation


CHEM 307 Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 323 Advanced Synthesis Laboratory

MSE 473/573 Physical Properties of Polymers


J. Lee, E. Graugnard, B. Yurke, W. L. Hughes, and H. Huttanus, “Enhanced DNA Sensing via Catalytic Aggregation of Gold Nanoparticles by DNA Reaction Networks”, preliminary patent filed (083956-0029).