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Joseph Dumais, Ph.D.

Associate Research Professor


Office: SCNC 156

Phone: (208) 426-4913

Educational Background

Ph.D. – Physical Chemistry | University of Washington (National Institutes of Health Molecular Biophysics Training Grant)

M.S. – Chemistry | Stevens Institute of Technology

B.S. – Chemistry | Illinois State University

About Me

Responsible for all aspects of the operation of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility which includes a Bruker AVANCE III 600 MHz system with a cryo-probe and with solids NMR capability and a Bruker AVANCE III 300 MHz system with a 50 sample changer.  Activities include including, system maintenance, reconfiguration, troubleshooting, training of research students, supporting laboratory classes with NMR, and supporting the needs of the broader campus and local industries for access to NMR data.  Additional duties include departmental service.

Select Publications (2018-2021)

Barnes, P.; Smith, K.; Parrish, R.; Jones, C.; Skinner, P.; Storch, E.; White, Q.; Deng, C.; Karsann, D.; Lau, M.; Dumais, J.; Dufek, E.; Xiong, H. A non-aqueous sodium hexafluorophosphate-based electrolyte degradation study: Formation and mitigation of hydrofluoric acid. J Power Source 2020, 447, 227363.

Tran, V.; Allen, K.; Chavez, M.; Aaron, C.; Dumais, J.; York, J.; Brown, E. Solution and solid-state characterization of Zn(II) complexes containing a new tridentate N2S ligand. Polyhedron 2018, 147, 131.