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NMR Service Center

“The Boise State University NMR facility instrumentation was funded through an NSF CRIF-MU/RUI (Grant Number 0639251) as well as funding from the State of Idaho and Departmental funding.”

Boise State University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry NMR Facility

The mission of the NMR Center at Boise State University is to provide application expertise, research support, student training, and education in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. Additionally, the NMR Center will serve to support the use of NMR spectroscopy and analytical chemistry for regional educational and research institutions as well as regional businesses.

The Boise State University NMR facility instrumentation was funded through an NSF CRIF-MU/RUI (grant gumber 0639251) as well as funding from the State of Idaho and funding from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Boise State University.

Bruker AVANCE III 600 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

Lab equipment
Photo of the Bruker AVANCE III 600 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer and associated control console

This high field NMR system is a three channel NMR spectrometer with full multi-nuclear capability. The system is based on a 600 MHz UltraShieldTM Plus magnet. The system is an excellent platform for multi-dimensional bio-NMR, high resolution small molecule analysis and for solid-state analysis using magic angle spinning (MAS). The system is equipped with the following probes:

  • 5 mm TCI z-axis gradient cryoprobe that features greatly enhanced proton sensitivity and significantly enhanced carbon sensitivity which also includes 15N and 2H channels
  • 5 mm room temperature PATXI, a triple resonance, proton optimized probe designed for 1H/13C/15N nuclei with a z-axis gradient
  • 5 mm BBO probe, a direct detection broadband probe capable of detecting a wide variety of nuclei including but not limited to 1H, 31P, 11B, 13C, and 15N while also providing 1H decoupling, 2H locking and z-gradients
  • 4 mm CP MAS BB/1H solids probe with Bruker’s rotor ejection accessory which allows the user to change samples without removing the probe from the magnet. The broadband channel can cover nuclei with frequencies ranging from 15N to 31P. The probe offers rotor spinning speeds up to 15 kHz and a variable temperature range from -50 °C to +120 °C. This capability is currently not available (6/22/2021)

The system has the Bruker variable temperature (VT) accessory and can do either low or high temperature where the temperature ranges depend upon the specific probe specifications.

The system has a BLA2X500 dual channel 500 watt pulsed/50 watt CW multinuclear amplifier with a frequency range of 60 MHz to 365 MHz and a BLAH300 300 watt pulsed/30 watt CW 1H/19F with a frequency range of 180 MHz to 600 MHz. These higher power amplifiers allow for full MAS solids use.

Bruker AVANCE III 300 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

The 300 MHz system is an excellent NMR system for structure determination related to routine synthetic chemistry NMR studies. The system is VT capable, has a z-axis gradient, and a BBO probe and as such offers multinuclear capabilities. The system has two RF channels plus 2H capability. The system also has a sample changer capable of handling 50 samples under automation.

Current NMR Service Rates

Services available include running pre-made samples, making NMR samples, providing NMR tubes and/or solvents as needed on a charge basis, interpreting NMR data, determining the correct application to obtain the information that an end user is seeking, and formal report writing.

There is no charge for time spent consulting on the viability of NMR to produce answers about a chemical system which is of interest to a potential user.

Rate CategoryEquipmentPrime Time hourly rateEvening and Weekends hourly rateVariable Temperature hourly rate
BSU internal academic rate Bruker 6006419
BSU internal academic rate Bruker 3004219
External rateBruker 6008.435.62N/A
External rateBruker 3005.622.81N/A
External rateAssisted operations (adds to NMR time)23.2423.2423.24
External rateIndustrial - simple 1D 1H acquisition (per sample)60N/AN/A
External rateIndustrial - all hourly rate for advanced experiments125125144

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