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Owen McDougal, Ph.D.

Owen McDougal

Professor and Chair
Organic, Natural Products, and Food Chemistry
Founding Editor and Chief, AIMS Molecular Science
Office: SCNC 153C
Phone: (208) 426-3964
McDougal Curriculum Vitae


Research focus: Identification & testing of bioactive components from marine and terrestrial sources; drug design; Food & nutraceutical chemical analysis for area industry

Educational Background

1998: Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. Ph.D. Dissertation: Conus Peptides Investigated by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Methods. Advisor: C. Dale Poulter
1992: B.S. Chemistry/Spanish minor, State University of New York College (SUNY) at Oswego, NY.
1990: A.S. Chemistry, SUNY Morrisville, NY.

McDougal Lab Group

McDougal Lab Group
Front row: Owen McDougal, Maranda Cantrell; Middle Row: Daniel Pfalmer, Vannessa Campfield, Leanna Marquart, Matthew Turner; Back row: Dorian Pittman, Tyson Hardy


I have taught courses in General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry, Organic and Biomacromolecular Spectroscopy, and Food Chemistry for over 20 years. I received my Ph. D. from the University of Utah in 1998 where my research focused on the use of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to elucidate the three dimensional solution structures of conotoxin peptides. I have taught Organic Chemistry and Spectroscopy at Southern Oregon University (SOU), Organic Chemistry and Green Organic Chemistry Laboratory at the University of Oregon (U of O), Organic Chemistry and Bioorganic Chemistry at the University of Utah (U of U), and Advanced Laboratory, Organic Chemistry, Spectroscopic Identification, Organic Laboratory, and most recently, Food Chemistry courses at Boise State University (BSU).

My philosophy on teaching is to teach others as you would like to be taught. I create an active learning environment where students are made to feel comfortable asking questions either in class or outside of class. I make myself available for student prior to and following lectures, and honor drop-ins as well as regular email responses to questions. I believe course expectations should be very clear and students should be aware of their class standing at all times. I use a mix of technology and best practices in teaching and learning to actively engage students in my lecture courses.

Owen McDougal

Leadership Experience

2009-2011 Faculty Senate President, Boise State University, Boise, ID

Position Roles and Responsibilities:

As Senate President, attended and presented at Idaho State Board of Education meetings, met regularly with the BSU President, Provost and VP for Academic Affairs, VP for Finance and Administration, VP for General Counsel, presented at dean’s council, networked regularly with Senate Chairs from University of Idaho, Idaho State University, and Lewis and Clark State College, met with Presidents of Professional and Classified Staff, orchestrated two Senate meetings monthly for two years, assembled agendas and meeting materials, finalized minutes, worked with committee chairs, served as the point of contact and liaison between faculty and the administration and State Board of Education, conducted an all-day Senate retreat to make progress on a faculty constitution, new core curriculum, prioritized projects for the year, and disseminated Senate actions to the faculty at the end of each semester.

Achievements as Senate President:

  1. Curriculum changes: lowered the minimum credits required for graduation from 128 to 120, approved a new core curriculum with an emphasis on learning objectives and assessment of outcomes, exploration of a new academic calendar to improve financial model for instruction, evaluation of new approaches to implement technology in teaching and learning;
  2. Governance: rewrote the faculty constitution to include academic freedom and responsibility, presidential succession, new position definitions, clarification of voting rights, and inclusion of a voting representative on the Senate by lecturers, research, and clinical faculty, held an open faculty forum, faculty wide vote, worked with the Office of the President to clarify wording in the faculty approved constitution, and coordinated the effort to develop an institutional financial challenge policy and lobbied to modify Idaho State Board of Education policy wording to allow universities to manage their own finances;
  3. Faculty Compensation: served as an advocate to enhance faculty compensation, established the Faculty Incentive Pay Program with the VP for Research, facilitated the Tuition Dependent Assistance Program and access to the Children’s Center for faculty and staff with the VP for Finance and Administration & the AVP for Human Resources, worked with the AVP for Human Resources to explore the viability of forming a health care consortium for higher education employees, worked with the Provost and VP of Academic Affairs to explore faculty salary increases which led to a recommendation by the Financial Affairs committee for a model to internally fund increases independent of the state;
  4. Service and Training: nominated to participate in the inaugural Presidential Leadership Academy, selected to serve on administrative search committees for the AVP Human Resources, AVP Instructional Technology, and the Provost and VP Academic Affairs, and participated in administrative meetings including the executive budget, dean’s council, strategic planning, naming of buildings, and selection of honorary doctorate candidates.

Academic Positions

2009-Present: Associate Professor of Chemistry, Boise State University, Boise, ID.
2006-2009: Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Boise State University, Boise, ID.
2003-2006: Associate Professor of Chemistry, Southern Oregon University, Ashland, OR.
1998-2003: Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Southern Oregon University, Ashland, OR.

Graduate and Undergraduate Assistantships

09/92-5/93: Teaching Assistant, instructor of Survey of Chemistry and Organic laboratory, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.
08/91-5/92: Research Fellow in Organic Chemistry, State University of New York at Oswego, Oswego, NY.
06/91-8/91: Research Experiences for Undergraduates, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.

Professional Positions

06/12: Program Chair, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Pacific Division (93rd annual), and Liaison to the American Chemical Society Northwest Region (67th annual), co-located meeting, Boise Centre on the Grove, Boise, ID.
06/07: Program Chair, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Pacific Division, 88th Annual Meeting, Boise Centre on the Grove, Boise, ID.
05/05–8/05: Visiting Professor, instructor of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.
09/04-5/05: Visiting Associate Professor of Chemistry, sabbatical appointment, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.
08-9/02; 8-9/03; 6-9/04; 8–9/05: Visiting Professor, instructor of Organic Chemistry (4 years) and Green Organic Chemistry laboratories (summer 2004 only), University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.
06/01-8/01: Visiting Professor, instructor of Bioorganic Chemistry, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.
06/90-8/90: Laboratory Technician, Galson Laboratories, East Syracuse, NY.