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Innovating Today, for The Future Boise State

The College of Innovation + Design (CI+D) is helping create the future Boise State. As a catalyst for innovative change and a collaborator in the journey of progress, our mission is to foster and scale positive change, bringing unparalleled value to our students, campus, and community. Here at CI+D, we’re not just part of the educational landscape; we’re actively redefining it, making strides in how learning is approached and valued in our ever-evolving world.


CI+D Established




Graduated Programs


Students Enrolled '23


Productive Change

We promote a growth mindset, agility, resilience and risk taking as essential to creating a thriving future.


We cultivate a culture of collaboration, creativity and community to foster innovation.

Mutual Respect

We embrace diverse perspectives and all ways of knowing to foster a welcoming and inclusive community.


We work at an accelerated pace and manage friction, failure and disruption in order to learn quickly and advance Boise State goals.


We invest in our students and members of the community who are ready to turn their innovative ideas into reality. 

Designing for the Future

We build programs focused on pressing higher education challenges: affordability, retention and post-graduation outcomes. 

CI+D Blueprint

Paving a Pathway to the Future

The CI+D Blueprint for Success is our strategic roadmap, guiding us in our mission to redefine the educational experience. It outlines our ambitious vision for the future, centered on enhancing affordability, retention, and post-graduation outcomes. This comprehensive plan underlines our commitment to innovation, adaptability, and impact, ensuring that every initiative aligns with our overarching goal of advancing Boise State. Discover the full extent of our vision for the future by clicking ‘Strategic Plan’ box below.

Meet Our Team

Made of Movers, Makers, Collaborators and Creators

Our team is the driving force behind the work we do and the way we do it. Built of dedicated professionals, innovative educators, and visionary leaders, our team embodies the spirit of collaboration and creativity that defines the College of Innovation + Design. United by a common vision, our staff comprises individuals who bring diverse perspectives, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to educational innovation. Get to know the minds behind our college by clicking ‘View Full Team’.

View Full Team

Empowering Our Staff: Resources for Success

To support our staff, we’ve gathered resources and tools designed to streamline processes and provide the right information for the request at hand. From travel and purchasing documentation to event planning, course scheduling, and student outreach questions, our resource bank functions as a central support hub for all CID staff. 

Staff Resources