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About Us

Our college is the people in it. Every faculty and staff member is driven to create something new and needed for students and our community. We want to hear from you!

  • Email:
  • Call: (208) 426-2975
  • Visit: Albertsons Library, 2nd floor, Room 201G.
    Office hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.
  • Mail: 1865 W. Cesar Chavez Ln. Boise, ID 83725
  • Follow: FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn

Se habla español: Contáctanos Veronica Roper, (208) 426-4531,

Our Mission

The College of Innovation and Design (CI+D) is helping create the future Boise State. We are a catalyst and collaborator, identifying, fostering, and scaling positive innovative change that brings value to our students, campus, and community.

Our Values

We value empowerment. We invest in people ready to turn their innovative ideas into reality. 

We value collaboration. We cultivate a culture of collaboration, creativity and community to foster innovation.

We value mutual respect and the appreciation of all people. We embrace diverse perspectives and ways of knowing to foster a welcoming and inclusive community.

We value productive change. We promote a growth mindset, agility, resilience, and risk taking as essential to creating a thriving future.

We value designing for the future. We build programs focused on the pressing challenges in higher education, including affordability, retention, and post-graduation outcomes. 

We value rapid experimentation and execution. We work at an accelerated pace and manage friction, failure, and disruption in order to learn quickly and advance Boise State goals.

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