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Explore CI+D undergraduate and graduate courses open to all students.


View CI+D degrees, certificates, and extracurricular programs open to all students.

Academic Programs


Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile

Bachelor of Science

Digital Innovation + Design

Bachelor of Arts
Academic Programs


Drone Certificate

NEW - FALL 2022

Google Career Certificates at Boise State

Google Career Certificates

Society for Ideas

SFI Certificates

User Experience Design

Certificate in UX Design

Curricular Programs

Esports Courses

NEW- Summer 2022

Human-Environment Systems


Non-Curricular Programs

Varsity Esports Team

Varsity Competitive Gaming

Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge


Onramp Program

K-12 Teacher Professional Development

Venture College

Program for Entrepreneurial Skill-Building

Boise State Employee Professional Development

Professional Development from Coursera
Validated and Adopted

Graduated Programs

We have the unique mission to “graduate” programs once they are proven successful.  Graduated programs are moved to another college once validated for quality, relevance, and financial stability.

Vertically Integrated Projects


Leadership Certificates

Certificate in Leadership and Human Relations

User Experience Research

Certificate in User Experience Research and Minor

Work U

Education + Experience
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