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Build with CI+D

Do you have an idea for a new academic program or initiative?  Curious about partnering with the College of Innovation and Design? We want to hear from you.


Certificate Development

CI+D can provide financial, logistical and intellectual support for  developing courses and certificates that are not easily developed elsewhere on campus. We are especially interested in courses and certificates that meet workforce demands, provide high-quality experiential learning opportunities for students, have no prereqs, and can be scaled to accommodate growing enrollments over time.

Workshops and Events

CI+D can help to fund and coordinate workshops or other events for faculty and staff interested in doing strategic or innovative work in the subject areas listed above. Our Innovation Incubator team can provide planning, logistical, financial, and facilitation support as needed.

Community-Engaged Projects

CI+D would like to support community engagement efforts that connect faculty and staff efforts in the above subject areas to community via initiatives, partnerships, and other impactful projects.

Interdisciplinary Innovations

We welcome proposals that will foster strategic interdisciplinarity at Boise State in the above subject areas.

CI+D Staff will follow up with applicants in later Spring 2023 once all proposals have been reviewed.

Contact if you have questions.


CI+D Welcomes proposals for programming that broadly address the following areas:

Partnership Details