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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education, BFA

This is a sample curriculum plan for the Art Education BFA within the College of Arts and Sciences at Boise State University.

If you are a prospective student viewing this document, please note curriculum is subject to change and specific per catalog year.

For current students, this plan is intended to be a glimpse at key sequencing within the major and includes some common/important advising notes. Sample plans are meant to provide aid in early, provisional planning. This plan does not replace the advice of academic advisors. Please refer to the Advising Contacts page for information about advising within the College of Arts and Sciences and how to contact advisors within each department.

First Year

First Semester

ENGL 101Intro to College Writing3
UF 100Foundations of Intellectual Life3
ART 107Art Foundations I3
ART 109Foundation Drawing3
ARTHIST 101 (FA)Survey of Western Art I3

Second Semester

ENGL 102Writing and Rhetoric II3
FMFoundations of Mathematics3
ART 108 Art Foundations II3
ED-CIFS 201 (FS)Education, Schooling, and Society3
ARTHIST 102 Survey of Western Art II3

Second Year

First Semester

UF 200Foundations of Ethics and Diversity3
FNFoundations of Natural, Physical and Applied Science* w/ lab4
EDTECH 202 Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age3
ART 212 Drawing I3
ART 231Beginning Sculpture3

Second Semester

FC Foundations of Oral Communication*3
ART 221, 251 or
Intro to Metalsmithing,
Introduction to Creative Photography, or
Survey of Far Eastern Art
ART 215Painting I3
ART 298 Seminar3
ART 226Ceramics3
ART 209 Introduction to Printmaking3

Third Year

First Semester

FH Foundations of Humanities*3 or 4
ART 315 Painting II3
ART 351 Secondary School Art Methods3
ART 300 Multicultural Arts3
ART Area of Emphasis ElectiveRefer to Catalog3
TOTAL15 or 16

Second Semester

ART 491 (FF)Senior Studio Seminar in Visual Arts2
ART 322
(Spring only)
Refer to Catalog3
ED-SPED 350 Teaching Students with Exceptional Needs at the Secondary Level3
ED-CIFS 302 Learning and Instruction4
ART Area of Emphasis ElectiveRefer to Catalog3

Fourth Year

First Semester

FN Foundations of Natural, Physical and Applied Science 2: Lab Optional3
ART 490BFA Exhibition2
ARTHIST Upper-division ElectiveRefer to Catalog3
ART Area of Emphasis ElectiveRefer to Catalog3
ED-CIFS 401 Professional Year - Teaching Experience II3
ED-LTCY 444 Content Literacy for Secondary Students3

Second Semester

FSFoundations of Social Sciences (not ED-CIFS or ED-ESP)3
ED-CIFS 485 Professional Year - Teaching Experience II14
ART Area of Emphasis Elective (if necessary to reach total)0 or 3
TOTAL17 or 20


  • Courses listed may require prerequisites. Please view the Undergraduate catalog to view prerequisites
  • Before a student can begin taking upper-division (300-/400-level) Art courses or ED courses, they must be admitted into the Visual Arts Upper-Division Program and the Teacher Education program by applying during the semester before.
  • Many Art Education students choose to take summer courses to help with their graduation timeline. Typical summer offerings include: ART 107, ART 108, ART 109, ART 209, ART 212, ART 221, ART 225/325, ART 231, ART 251, ARTHIST 101, ARTHIST 102, and possibly an upper-division ARTHIST class.
  • ART Area of Emphasis: Students must complete 14 to 20 credits in one art discipline. Students emphasizing painting/drawing must complete a minimum of 20 credits. Students emphasizing art history, art jewelry and metalsmithing, ceramics, photography, printmaking, or sculpture must complete a minimum of 14 credits. Required courses count toward the area of emphasis (e.g., the 12 credits required in painting/drawing can be applied to the 20 credit total).
  • Information Subject to Change.
  • This is not a contract.
  • *Foundational course offerings.
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