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2023-24 Innovation Hub Grant Awardees

The College of Arts and Sciences launched the Innovation Hub with a call for proposals in November of 2022. The Innovation Hub supports the many forms that innovation takes in the college by creating a mechanism for faculty and staff to submit ideas and seek funding to support the development of their innovative ideas.

In her address to the college in August, Dean Leslie Durham stated that she, Amanda Ashley, director of the School of the Arts, Kevin Feris, director of the School of the Environment, and the Innovation Hub Implementation Group, “were surprised and delighted by how many of these aimed to support student success directly or indirectly, while also advancing research and creative activity or nurturing a thriving community. In fact, it turned out that all the funded proposals touched on student success in some way.”

The college planned to fund up to $250,000 this year, “but with the generous support of a donor and a little extra funding from COAS, we were able to award $268,191,” Durham said.

Here are the 2023-24 awardee projects and leads:

  • Allison Simler-Williamson (Biological Science) – The ArtSci Community at Boise State: An interdisciplinary platform for inquiry and Innovation
  • Alex Urquhart (Biological Science) – Biol100 Lab Materials and OER Resources to Lower Student Costs and Improve Student Experience
  • Cynthia Miller (Media, Blue House Agency) – COAS Promotional Partnership
  • Emily Meredith (Biological Science) – A Biology Learning Center to Increase STEM Student Success
  • John Bieter (History) – Annual Conference for Idaho Social Studies Teachers
  • Joseph Meredith (Chemistry) – Organic Chemistry 1 Workbook & Course Revisions
  • Kristin Snopkowski (Anthropology) – Professional Development and Mentorship for Adjunct Instructors Teaching High-enrollment Foundations of the Discipline courses in Anthropology
  • Mariah Devereux Herbeck (World Languages) – Français inclusif: Diverse and Inclusive French 101-202 Curriculum
  • Mark Schmitz (Geosciences) – Geosciences Learning Hub
  • Oliviero Andreussi (Chemistry) – Python in the Undergraduate Curriculum
  • Sherena Huntsman (Department of Writing Studies) – Accessibility Hub
  • Steve Olsen-Smith (English Literature) – IIIF Adoption at Boise State University
  • Rulon Wood (Theatre, Film and Creative Writing) – Lecture Series and Mentorship Program
  • Brian Wiley (Art, Design and Visual Studies) – Restructuring the Graphic Design I and II Curriculum
  • Reggie Jayne (Interdisciplinary Professional Studies) – Interdisciplinary Studies Undergraduate Certificate
  • Erin Taylor (Chemistry) – Modernized Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Curriculum