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The College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Plan 2021-26

Blueprint for Success | Building for the Future

Building the College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Plan

Blueprint for Success is Boise State’s strategic plan. In Fall 2021, the College of Arts and Sciences began our strategic planning process to articulate how we plan to align with the Blueprint for Success. As Dean Leslie Durham stated in her invitation for all COAS faculty and staff to join this conversation, “I think restating what matters to us most is a positive response to the prolonged uncertainty we’ve faced, and I want and need your help to do that.”

COAS Strategic Plan

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Tactic Development: Nov. 2021

Tactic Development

Draft Vision and Mission Statements

Draft Vision and Mission Statements

Listening Sessions: Sept. 29, Sept. 30, Oct. 1

Listening Sessions

General Timeline

September 2021

  • Hold listening sessions
  • Form Working Groups

October 2021

  • Working Groups to conduct focus groups and/or host conversations with content experts and stakeholders as appropriate to begin identifying Blueprint for Success alignments with COAS tactics and projects.

November 2021

  • Workgroups to update the College on tactics, metrics and needs.

December 2021

  • Workgroups to share formal recommendations with COAS Dean’s Team.

January 2022

  • Draft strategic plan shared with College to collect feedback.

February 2022

  • Blueprint for Success: Building for the Future, COAS 2021-26 finalized and submitted to Provost’s Office.