Career Track MBA Internships

Internship Steps (MBA 590)

  1. Find a summer internship (Minimum of 135 hours) – Required: Meet with internship coordinator (Trisha Lamb) at the beginning of the year and keep in touch throughout the search to make sure the internship meets the requirements.Bring the MBA Internship Pre-Meeting Form filled out to bring to the initial meeting.COBE Career Services internship board and COBE Career Services events can support your internship search.
  2. Get Approval from Internship Coordinator
    Once you have worked out the terms of your internship with your internship supervisor, fill out the Internship Agreement Form, have them sign it and then send to Trisha at

    International Students
    International students also need to fill out a Curricular Practical Training Form (CPT) in order to do an internship. More information about employment can be found on the International Student Services website. Please contact Ruth Prince at or 208-426-3720 with any questions.
  3. Register for MBA 590: See “How to Register for MBA 590” below.
    Deadline to add MBA 590 is June 24, 2019 but it takes 1-2 weeks to go through the approval process so June 15 is the latest you should submit your internship application.
  4. Submit the Internship Required Deliverables: For details see “Internship Required Deliverables” below.
    Deliverables must be submitted by August 6, 2019 to receive a passing grade.

How to Register for MBA 590 (Step 3 from above)

  • Complete the Boise State Career Center Requirements
    Complete the Internship Application for Academic Credit found on-line at the career center’s website at  Then click on the right hand side where it says: Internship Application for Academic Credit.

    • Log in using their Boise State username and password.
    • After you log in click on the Internship Application for Academic Credit and hit the plus (+) sign to create your application.
    • Enter the required information.
    • Major: Business Administration F/T
    • Term: Summer 20xx (current year)
    • Department: College of Business & Economic
    • Subject: Career Track MBA
    • Coordinator: Trisha Lamb
    • Number of Internship Credit Hours: 3.00
    • Then hit SUBMIT
    • Once submitted, the application will be routed via email to the department internship coordinator for approval
    • Once approved by department internship coordinator, it will then be routed to your organization supervisor for approval via email
    • Take the Internship Orientation training and quiz.
  • Pay for your Internship Credits (MBA 590)
    Once approved by the Internship Coordinator and you have taken the Internship Orientation training and quiz, your internship will be routed via email to the Registrar’s Office and MBA 590 will be added to your list class schedule in my.BoiseState. Enroll and pay for the Internship class.

Internship Required Deliverables (Step 4 from above)
In order to receive a passing grade for MBA 590, students must do the following:
(If you do not submit these by the deadline you will receive an F in MBA 590):

1. MBA Internship Evaluation Form: Have your supervisor fill out and email the MBA Internship Evaluation Form to by August 6, 2019 (it must come directly from your supervisor).

2. Reflection Paper: Complete a reflection paper evaluating your experience. This paper is a reflection on the knowledge acquired from participating in the internship. Submit to by August 6, 2019. The following topics are to be included:

  • Pertinent company information – This could include, but is not limited to, a brief history of the company/organization, its competitive position in the marketplace, the current form of business organization (corporation, LLC, partnership, etc.)…
  • Internship position and responsibilities – On an average day, what did you do on the job?
  •  Relevance to Career Start MBA program – Explain how your experience relates to your program. Include any observations you made during your internship that may have been directly or indirectly related to your business coursework. For example, what type of management style(s) did you notice? How does the organization market its products and/or services? Be sure to link specific theories and concepts from your business coursework to your practical experiences.
  •  Evaluation of the overall success of the internship – Discuss the strengths and the weaknesses of your effort. If you were to repeat this experience, what would you change and why? Do you have any recommendations to make to your cooperating firm regarding business operations and/or the internship experience?
  •  Reflection – What did you learn from internship? Provide a summary of the values or lessons learned from your internship. What will you take away from this experience? How did it differ from your expectations? What did you learn about yourself and your own strengths and weaknesses? How will you go about addressing those weaknesses?

Paper Guidelines:
Length: Between 3 and 5 pages; 11 point font, conventional margins, double spaced.
This paper should be well written and free of grammatical errors.

3. Internship Presentations: We will be holding a session for you (we are looking for 7-10 volunteers) to share the highlights of your internship with your current cohort, incoming cohort and faculty. This session will be held on Friday, August 23, 2019. (more details coming soon)


Principles for Career Start MBA Summer Internships

MBA Internships must:

  1. Advance student learning (either skill building or application) at a graduate level.
  2. Provide meaningful career foundations for the career path desired for the individual
  3. Demonstrate full commitment of organization offering the internships; including oversight, time, resources, and typically pay.
  4. Meet university standards for credit hours and documentation.
  5. Be coordinated to insure internal and external quality control.
  6. Encourage student initiative but respect concerns of client organizations/employers.
  7. Have detailed process and results tracking.
  8. Be completed by the End of summer term (the 135 hours must be completed by the end of summer term, however students have the option of continuing in their internship at the request of the organization.

Ideally MBA Internships should:

  1. Be paid (not required)
  2. Be full time through the summer (approximately 320 hours)

MBA Internships may:

  1. Be team oriented at employer’s request.
  2. We encourage our students to try to find a full-time internship but part-time is acceptable (must exceed 135 hours).
  3. In some instances be unpaid – unpaid internships should be restricted to not-for-profits or government agencies. In the instance of unpaid internships, it is critical that the project be significant and offer visibility and meaningful networking opportunities for the student in their chosen career path.