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Jayash Paudel Is an Important Member HCRI Executive Team

Jayash Paudel

Jayash Paudel, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Economics, is a member of the executive team of the Boise State Hazard and Climate Resilience Institute (HCRI). The HCRI is a community of researchers and practitioners dedicated to improving society’s resilience to natural hazards and the impacts of a changing climate.

Brittany Brand, HCRI founder and director has appreciated Paudel’s involvement.

“Dr. Jayash Paudel is an active and important member of our HCRI Executive Team,” Brand wrote via email. “He was instrumental in helping us develop our recent proposal submission to the NSF Civic Innovation Challenge program (he is Co-PI), and has also been active in connecting with stakeholders in our community.”

For the NSF Civic Innovation Challenge ($1 million if funded), HCRI submitted a planning grant to model community disaster resilience for the Treasure Valley.

Paudel has been on the HCRI team since joining Boise State University in the fall of 2019. His experience has made him a better teacher.

“My experience with HCRI has contributed to teaching. In my natural resource economics class, my students and I discuss peer-reviewed journal articles focused on improving environmental quality and quantifying adaptation to natural disasters and changing climate. The interdisciplinary work at HCRI has allowed me to take a holistic approach in teaching the economics of environmental problems.”

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