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Emre Balikci

Emre BalikciLecturer

Emre Balikci is a lecturer in the economics department at Boise State University. Emre Balikci received his Ph.D. from the Development Economics program at Marmara University, known for its heterodox and interdisciplinary approach to economics.

Before teaching at Boise State University, Balikci worked for five years at St. Lawrence University as a Visiting Assistant Professor. Balikci also gave lectures in various European universities as an Erasmus scholar and worked in two different well-known universities of Turkey. In addition to his academic career, he worked as a foreign news editor in Milliyet Daily, a prestigious national newspaper in Turkey, for three years. He prepared news about the Middle East.

His primary interest areas are the economic history of Turkey and the Middle East, global political economy, and institutional economics.