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Testimonial from Bonang Seoela, Master of Science in Economics class of 2020

Bonag Seoela

“During my search for economics graduate programs in Idaho, I came across the economics program at Boise State University as a possible option. I did not know much about the program, so I followed with a meeting and a campus tour.

I became more interested in the program when I learned about student assistantships and fellowships which would help to significantly reduce student costs. I found the program even more attractive because it offered most classes in the afternoon, which allows graduate students to hold a job when needed.

During my experience as an economics graduate student at Boise State, I was impressed with the level of attention and care the faculty give to their students. Given the rigorous nature of the program, the faculty was always understanding and created a conducive learning environment. The open-door policy of the professors was helpful during the period I began working on my thesis project.

Overall, the Master of Science in Economics program at Boise State has provided me with the opportunity to grow both as a researcher and a professional. The guidance I received from the faculty inspired me to publish my first peer-reviewed journal article. I have benefited greatly from the economics professors and I am honored to be a graduate of the Department of Economics. Studying at Boise State is one of the best experiences in my life.”

— Bonag Seoela is a regional research economist for the Idaho Department of Labor.