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Video Transcript – Program Overview

Video Transcript

[Title: Boise State University, Executive MBA Program]

[Mark Bathrick, EMBA ’14. Director, Office of Aviation Services, U.S. Department of the Interior]: I think if you want to remain relevant in business you have to iterate. And for the human product that iteration is education. I’m a believer in continual learning, and the Executive MBA program here at Boise State for me was the natural choice for that continual learning. I’m an engineer by undergrad. This was a completely new focus area for me and a very important area as a senior leader in my company.

[Nancy Napier, PhD. Executive MBA Faculty]: The learning environment of the Executive MBA program here at Boise State is like nothing I’ve been part of before and that’s another reason I love it so. We are all here as professors and participants to help one another. We want these participants to become as strong as they can as leaders and so we do what we can to push them, and they push us, they push each other to get better in their thinking, in their communicating, in their ability to empathize with others. Which is a key component of being a leader.

[Varun Khanna, EMBA ’16. Senior Innovation Manager, Chobani]: At this point in my career I wanted to do the Executive MBA because I want to learn leadership qualities. I know that I’m ready I have a lot of technical experience and I wanted to go the next level and I needed some key skills.

[Mike Ziegler, EMBA ’13. VP Global HR Services and Operations, Micron Technology]: I think one thing I like about the Program is that the content is very practical and very usable. It’s not just pure textbook academia and you’re not just reading case studies all the time. You know, it is all real-world projects and a lot of real-world tools that we could bring back and start applying.

[Curtis Gonzales, EMBA ’14. President and General Manager, Smoke Guard, Inc.]: I started using the information immediately, as I was actually going through the program. And I found it very valuable, so the return on investment for that was very high. Now as the President of Smoke Guard, I use it daily. Absolutely daily. It is a hundred percent utilized in my current role.

[Mike Ziegler]: I’d say over our two-year program, we were probably introduced to forty or fifty different executives around the Pacific Northwest. We could email them and even to this day there are two or three that I have frequent exchanges with. You know these are very busy people, but they have an interest in helping. For me, it turned into some introductions that got me involved in the Boise Angel Alliance and I’m actually a board member now at a company. So, you know, really great introductions that way and network with people that you can tap into for ideas or for help.

[Nicole Brown,  EMBA ’13. Executive Director, OGA]: I chose the Executive MBA program specifically because it offered me the opportunity to balance an advanced degree with my life. I’m busy. In addition to being a busy professional, I’m a wife, I’m a mom of two very busy kids and at the time I was traveling quite a bit for my work. So I had this desire to seek an advanced degree, but I really couldn’t imagine how to do that in a traditional sense. So when I learned about Boise State’s Executive MBA program it really offered that opportunity for me to continue to be a busy professional and a busy mom, but also carve out a little bit of time each month to really go after something that was a goal of mine.

[Curtis Gonzales]: I looked at programs like Harvard, Washington and others and when it came down to it after visiting the sessions at the Boise Executive MBA it was clear to me that it was the best fit for me and my family.