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Anna Land, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Supply Chain Management
Location: MBEB 3237
Office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays: 3-4 p.m.

Anna Land is an assistant professor in the Department of Information Technology and Supply Chain Management at Boise State University. She earned her Ph.D. and master’s degrees at Kassel University, Germany, and her undergraduate degree from the University of Florida.

Prior to joining Boise State, Land worked as an associate professor and program director of Supply Chain Management at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Her research interests include sustainable sourcing, operations, and logistics as well as diversity and inclusion issues in supply chain management. Land’s research appears in leading journals including the International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Journal of Cleaner Production, IEEE Engineering Management Review, Operations Management Education Review, and Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges.


  • Ph.D., Supply Chain Management, University of Kassel, Germany, 2016
  • M.S., International Food Business and Consumer Studies, University of Kassel, Germany, 2012
  • B.S., Food Science and Human Nutrition, University of Florida, USA, 2010

Teaching Areas

  • Supply Chain Management

Areas of Expertise

  • Supply chain analytics
  • Sustainable operations management
  • Food supply chain management

Featured publications

  • Seuring, S., Brandenburg, M., Sauer, Schunemann, D., Warasthe, R., Aman, S., Qian, C., Petljak, C., P., Neutzling, D., Land, A., Khalid, R. “Comparing regions globally: Impacts of COVID-19 on supply chains—A Delphi study.” International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 42 (8), 2022, 1077-1108. Impact Factor: 9.36, ABDC Rating: A, 18% Acceptance Rate (Cabell’s).
  • Land, A., Gruchmann, T., Beske-Janssen, P., Siems, E. “Dynamic Capabilities Theory” book chapter in A Handbook of Theories for Purchasing, Supply Chain and Management Research, edited by Wendy Tate, Lisa Ellram, & Lydia Bals. 2022, Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Siems, E., Land, A., Seuring, S. “Dynamic capabilities in sustainable supply chain management: An inter-temporal comparison the food and automotive industries.” International Journal of Production Economics, 236, 2021. Impact Factor: 6.21, ABDC Rating: A, 20% Acceptance Rate (Cabell’s).
  • Seuring, S., Yawar, S., Land, A., Khalid, R. Sauer, P. “The application of theory in literature reviews – illustrated with examples from supply chain management.” International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 41 (1), 2020, 1-20. DOI: 10.1108/IJOPM-04-2020-0247. Impact Factor: 9.36, ABDC Rating: A, 18% Acceptance Rate (Cabell’s).
  • Land, A., Buus, D., Platt, A. “Data analytics in rail transportation: Applications and effects for sustainability.” IEEE Engineering Management Review, 48 (1), 2020, 85-91. DOI: 10.1109/EMR.2019.2951559. Impact Factor: 1.46, 21% Acceptance Rate (Cabell’s).
  • Land, A. & Zakaria, R. “Rana Plaza Collapse, its Aftermath, and Future Implications for Sustainability.” SAGE Publications Teaching Cases, 2019.
  • Land, A. “Creating action research and community-based learning opportunities in sustainable supply chain curriculum.” Operations Management Education Review, 12, 2018, 181-206, ABDC Rating: B.
  • Neutzling, D., Land, A., Seuring, S., Nascimento, L.F. “Linking sustainability-oriented innovation to supply chain relationship integration.” Journal of Cleaner Production, 172, 2018, 3448-3458. Impact factor: 7.246, ABDC Rating: A.
  • Khalid, R., Seuring, S., Beske, P., Land, A., Yawar, S., Wagner, R. “Putting sustainable supply chain management into base of the pyramid research (20th anniversary issue).” Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 20 (6), 2015, 681-696. Impact factor: 7.207, ABDC Rating: A.
  • Neutzling, D., Silveira do Santos, M., Dutra de Barcellos, M., Land, A. “Value Creation from Internationalization of Sugar Cane by-products: A multi-stakeholder view of artisanal cachaça production.” Review of Business Management, 17 (55), 2015, 890-910. Impact factor: 0.294.
  • Beske, P., Land, A., Seuring, S. “Sustainable supply chain management practices and dynamic capabilities in the food industry: A critical analysis of the literature.” International Journal of Production Economics, 152 (1), 2014, 131-143. Impact factor: 5.134, ABDC Rating: A.

Awards and Accomplishments

  • UWW College of Business and Economics Innovative Teacher Winner, 2021
  • UWW College of Business and Economics Hermsen Teaching Award Nominee, 2020
  • UWW Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year Nominee, 2019
  • UWW Inspirational Impact Award Recipient, 2018
  • Emerald Publishing Citations of Excellence Winner, 2017
  • Academy of Management Best Student Paper Finalist, Operations Management Division, 2015
  • Suwannee County Conservation Scholar, 2010
  • Public speaking winner in “Germany: Freedom Without Walls” at the University of Florida, 2009