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ITM, BEA and SCM Internships

The department internship program is an excellent way to get on-the-job experience and explore the variety of career options in your chosen field. Plus, you will receive course credit for approved internships and be paid for your efforts!

The goal of our internship program is to give our students a pre-professional employment opportunity to gain practical and theoretical experience in the information technology management or supply chain management area.

Organizations seeking an intern should provide information to the relevant department’s internship coordinator (see below) or to the Career Services (Internship Information for Employers) regarding available internships.


You are eligible for an internship for credit if you:

  1. Have junior or senior standing within the chosen internship major or 2nd degree.
  2. Have successfully completed all course prerequisites. ITM majors need 9 hours of ITM coursework beyond ITM 104, 105, 106 and ITM 310. The BEA prerequisite is ITM 315 and ITM 430 (or ITM 330 prior to fall 2021). The SCM prerequisite is SCM 301 (or SCM 345 prior to fall 2019). An approved internship may count as an upper-division elective, see below and review your degree check sheet for restrictions.

Note: To be considered for academic credit, internships must be approved by the appropriate ITM/BEA or SCM internship coordinator prior to beginning the job. Also:

  1. Only three credits of ITM (BEA) 493 or SCM 493 may apply toward your major.
  2. Internships with existing employers are typically not eligible for internship credit unless it a pre-approved special project.
  3. All students must complete the online video training before they are granted credit.
  4. Freshman/sophomore level students may take non-credit internships, ITM 293. See your internship coordinator for details.

Get help from the internship coordinator

Students must meet and discuss eligibility and appropriateness of a position for internship credit with the department internship coordinator in the area for which they wish to intern.

Information Technology Management and Business and Economic Analytics Coordinator:
Teagen Nabity-Grover, PhD, MBEB 3206

Supply Chain Management Coordinator:
Regis Terpend, PhD, MBEB 3219

How to Find an Internship

Check with the appropriate internship coordinator about available jobs and to let them know what type of position you are seeking. Check the IT-SCM department postings, and sign up for the ITM Majors LinkedIn Group for current openings in IT/BEA.

The Boise State Career Center hosts general job information and applications for internships. Visit the Career Services site here.

From their site, log into BroncoJobs powered by Handshake to search available public positions. If you find a position that interests you and would like academic credit, take the job description to your department coordinator for approval. Please review the Office of the Registrar’s Academic Calendars for semester-specific application deadlines.

Please note that an internship usually may not be completed for the same organization for which you are currently employed, unless it is a new project or skills area. See the faculty internship coordinator for your major for approval.

Student Responsibilities

Internship approval and registration must be completed before the actual internship work may begin. In addition to applying for an internship through Handshake,  the student must also register for internship credits. After your application has been approved by the internship coordinator, an email is sent to your sponsor, and then to the Office of the Registrar. When all approvals are completed you will receive notice of the course in your myBoisestate account for finalizing your registration.

You may use up to 3 hours (135 work hours) of internship credit as an upper-division elective in your major. Any job-related difficulties should be reported to the internship coordinator immediately. Occasionally, students will participate in a second internship. While this second internship appears on the student’s academic transcript, it will not count as a second elective toward your degree program.

Before beginning your internship, please complete the online video training. When you begin work on the internship, you are expected to:

1. work a minimum of 45 hours for each hour of academic credit received for the internship (135 minimum)

2. provide the final written report to your department internship coordinator at least two weeks before the end of the internship semester; the report should describe:

  • the internship itself (what you did)
  • the objectives of the job and how they were met
  • the relationship between the internship and the student’s academic major work (classroom courses); indicate classes that most helped you be successful in your position.

3. complete the online video training linked to the internship website – this is required before internship credit will be granted.

More specific information regarding the final report criteria may be obtained from your respective department internship coordinator.