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IT-SCM Mentoring Program

The ITSCM Mentoring Program matches students majoring in Information Technology Management, Business and Economics Analytics, and Supply Chain Management with an industry professional who can provide career guidance, insight, and advice. While this program will introduce students to a mentor, it is up to the student to develop the relationship in the way that is most beneficial to them. To aid in this, the program coordinators will provide some advice and guidance in building and maintaining healthy mentoring relationships to both student and industry professional participants.

This program is designed to promote the professional development and preparation of students in our department’s majors. As such, during the semester in which they start in the program, student participants are also committing to:

  • Meeting at least once with their assigned mentor,
  • A check-in with the program coordinators about their experience in the program, and
  • Attending at least one department or career services event.

While we aim to match students to the best possible mentor, sometimes things don’t work out, and that’s ok. If a student is matched with a mentor and the relationship isn’t working, contact the program coordinators about receiving a different mentor. We want this program to serve students and their professional goals, helping them triumph in interviews and enter the workforce better prepared.


“The ITSCM Mentoring Program was a fantastic opportunity to be a part of! In addition to expanding my professional network, my mentor was able to answer some of the larger industry questions I had along with what technical skills to focus on in my discipline. I would highly recommend applying to this program for students looking to gain wisdom from industry professionals!”

– Patrick D., Class of 2023, joined mentoring program in Fall 2022

“The mentorship program provides students a very valuable connection. Knowledge from a mentor’s lift stories and industry experience is priceless. I really encourage students to apply!”

– Katelyn M., Class of 2024, joined mentoring program in Fall 2022

The ITSCM mentorship program has been a great experience for me. My mentor has extensive experience in the IT field and offers a lot of support, guidance, and resources. He has shown me various tools used in the field like Microsoft PowerApps, alerted me to free resources for learning languages like Python and SQL, and offered valuable advice for once I start working in the field. In addition to the valuable skills
and resources my mentor has provided me, I am grateful to have this connection in the industry. Through this program, I was matched with a mentor who has significant experience in the area I want to pursue, and who can give me insights into the industry that I otherwise wouldn’t have exposure to. The program did a fantastic job of matching me with someone who is a great fit for my needs, and I’m grateful for the
connections and opportunities that have come out of this experience.

– Chiara A., Class of 2023, joined mentoring program in Fall 2022

Two people speak at the career fair
COBE Internship & Career Fair, MBEB, Photo by Allison Corona

Where Our Mentors Work

Industry professionals serving (or who have served) as mentors in our program work at:

  • Amazon
  • Atrium AI
  • City of Boise
  • Happy Family Brands
  • Idaho Partners for Good
  • Jacksons Food Stores
  • Micron Technology, Inc
  • Pet IQ
  • Philips
  • Simplot
  • St. Luke’s Health System
  • TextExpander

Program LinkedIn Group

One of the added benefits of participating in this program is that you will be invited to join the Boise State ITSCM Mentoring Program LinkedIn Group. This community is open to all participants in the program (both industry mentors and current/past students). As the program grows and persists, this community will offer an excellent opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing.

Jim Donald CEO of Albertsons talks with Marketing research class, COBE, MBEB, Photo by Madison Park

Student Interest Forms

We invite students to submit an interest form to participate in the program at the start of the semester. ITM and BEA majors are invited to submit the form at the beginning of the Fall semester; SCM majors are invited to submit the form at the beginning of the Spring semester. Announcements will be made in ITM and SCM courses when the interest forms are available for submission.

Students will need to submit a current resume and a personal statement, in addition to responding to a handful of questions about career/mentoring interests and preferences. A resume template and tips document are available for students who need to build a resume. The personal statement is a short introduction to the student’s goals and what they hope to gain from having a mentor.

SCM Majors (active at the beginning of the Spring semester)

ITM/BEA Majors (active at the beginning of the Fall semester)

Mentor Interest Forms

We invite industry professionals (especially those based in the Treasure Valley, as many of our students prefer in-person meetings) to submit an interest form. The interest forms for Supply Chain-related professions is open at the start of the Spring semester and IT/Analytics-related professions is open at the start of the Fall semester. If you are interested in serving as a mentor, you are invited to reach out to the program coordinators outside of these time frames to indicate your interest so we can keep you in mind for future recruitment cycles.

The interest form will require a current resume and responses to handful of questions about your areas of expertise as they relate to careers and mentoring.

SCM Related Careers (active at the beginning of the Spring semester)

ITM/BEA Related Careers (active at the beginning of the Fall semester)

Program Coordinators

If you have questions, please feel free to contact any of our program coordinators.

  • Christie Fuller (
  • Teagen Nabity-Grover (
  • Tom Gattiker (