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Regis Terpend, PhD

Regis Terpend

Associate Professor and Internship Coordinator, Supply Chain Management • Mail Stop: 1615
Office Number: MBEB 3219

Originally from France, Dr. Terpend has been a faculty member at Boise State University since August 2006. Dr. Terpend holds a Bachelor in Engineering from Coventry University in the U.K., an MBA from San Diego State University, and a Ph.D. in Supply Chain Management from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Dr. Terpend has held positions at Solar Turbines (Caterpillar Corp.) in San Diego and at an Internet startup in Paris (France). Dr. Terpend was a business instructor for three years in Shanghai (China), teaching various MBA classes for Napier University (Scotland) and undergraduate classes for University of Western Sydney. At Boise State, he is also teaching SCM 380: Quality Management. Dr. Terpend’s research interests include buyer-supplier relationships, purchasing strategy and negotiation.


Ph.D., Supply Chain Management, Arizona State University

MBA, Management, San Diego State University

BS, European Business and Technology, Coventry University

Teaching Areas

Principles of Operations Management

Quality Management and Lean Process Improvements

Issues in Supply Chain Management (MBA)

Featured Publications

Terpend, R. and Krause, D.R. (2015) “Competition or Cooperation? Promoting Supplier Performance with Incentives under Varying Conditions of Dependence” Journal of Supply Chain Management, Oct 2015.

Terpend, R., Lowe, S. and Gattiker, T., (2014) “Electronic Textbooks: Antecedents of Students’ Adoption and Learning Outcomes”, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 10(4), p.589-613.

Lowe, S.E., Gattiker, T. and Terpend, R. (2012) “Online Texts and Conventional Texts: Estimating, Comparing and Reducing the Greenhouse Gas Footprint of Two Tools of the Trade”, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education,10(4), p589-613.

Terpend, R. and Ashenbaum, B. (2012) “The Intersection of Power, Trust and Supplier Network Size: Implications for Supplier Performance”, Journal of Supply Chain Management,48(3), 52-77.

Terpend, R., Krause, D. R. and Dooley, K. (2011) “Managing Buyer-Supplier Relationships: Empirical Patterns of Strategy Formulation in Industrial Purchasing,” Journal of Supply Chain Management, 47(1), p73-94.

Ashenbaum, B. and Terpend, R. (2010) “The Purchasing-Logistics Interface: A ‘Scope of Responsibility’ Taxonomy”, Journal of Business Logistics, 31(2), p177-194.

Terpend, R., Tyler, B., Krause, D. R. and Handfield, R. (2008) “Buyer-Supplier Relationships: Derived Value Over Two Decades,” Journal of Supply Chain Management, 44(2), p28-55.

Krause, D. R., Terpend, R. and Petersen (2006) K. “Bargaining Stances and Outcomes in Buyer-Seller Negotiations: Experimental Results”, Journal of Supply Chain Management, 42(3), p4-15.