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International Business Graduate, Greg Wischer, Credits COBE Professors for His Success

Greg WIscher in front of the Pratapeshwar Temple. in Khajuraho, India.
Greg Wischer in front of the Pratapeshwar Temple. in Khajuraho, India.

Greg Wischer, from Grand Forks, North Dakota, graduated from Boise State University in spring 2020 with a bachelor of business administration in international business. Greg was the graduation speaker for the Honors College and the recipient of 2020 Outstanding Graduate and 2019 Signature Student awards for international business.

In August of 2020, Greg began graduate studies at Georgetown University in the Security Studies Program. He spent summer ’20 as an intern for the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in Washington, D.C. He interned in the New Delhi area in India for the International Relations and Security Centre for Policy Research January-May 2019.

“The College of Business and Economics has played a pivotal role in my academic path and future career,” said Greg. “From growing my interest in Asia to supporting my graduate school applications, the International Business Program truly changed my life’s projection. I could not have asked for more supportive and erudite professors. The faculty was determinative in my college career, and they still unfailingly support my post-Boise State endeavors.”

COBE professors played a critical role in Greg’s decision to pursue a graduate degree and national security career.

“Global economics and geopolitics are interwoven, and international business professors provided foundational insight into the U.S.-China economic relationship. From the International Trade class to the International Management class, these professors spurred my interest in U.S.-China economic competition (e.g., tariffs, sanctions, economic espionage, intellectual property theft), and they encouraged me to holistically view the U.S.-China relationship. And since these professors had direct experience with the U.S.-China relationship, they provided firsthand knowledge about pertinent issues,” said Greg. “Their teaching and advice bolstered my graduate school applications, and have buttressed my studies at Georgetown University. Lastly, my COBE professors vigorously supported my international relations internship at the Centre for Policy Research, a leading think tank in New Delhi, India. My overseas experience has proved to be a difference-maker in internship and graduate school applications.”

Wischer_Greg Wischer at the West Wing of the White House
Greg Wischer at the West Wing of the White House

Interning on the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC) in Washington, D.C., was an amazing experience for Greg. The SFRC team welcomed him with open arms into the committee family.

“My fellow interns made every day a true joy. We worked with professional staff and policy analysts in our interest areas, so I worked most closely on the India-China relationship, in addition to the Middle East and North Africa. I wrote tactical and operational analyses on the India-China border dispute in addition to a large-scale report on China‚Äôs impact on the U.S.-Europe relationship. Notably, I had the chance to attend Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s hearing before the committee. (My fellow interns and I made it on CSPAN!),” said Greg.

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