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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Management offers AACSB-accredited bachelor degrees in business administration, entrepreneurship management, human resource management, international business, and management (online). Students can also minor in entrepreneurship management, human resource management, international business and nonprofit management.

Major Programs

  • Business Administration BBA
    The business administration major provides a broad curriculum designed for students who wish to obtain a degree that gives them experience across several functional areas to help them develop the competencies and skills necessary to become effective managers. (Qualifies for Idaho LAUNCH)
  • Entrepreneurship Management BBA
    The entrepreneurship management major is appropriate for students who wish to start their own business someday, work in a family-owned business, or work for smaller businesses. (Qualifies for Idaho LAUNCH)
  • Human Resource Management BBA
    The human resources management major provides a solid foundation for those interested in the human resource management function of businesses. (Qualifies for Idaho LAUNCH)
  • International Business BBA
    The international business program prepares students to meet the increasing demand for employees equipped to compete in the global economy. (Qualifies for Idaho LAUNCH)
  • Online Management BBA
    The online Management BBA is a 60 credit degree completion program for working adults.

Minor Programs

Certificate Program


Preparing Students for Success

Christian Perry’s participation in various Venture College programs and entrepreneurial studies through the College of Business and Economics (COBE) played a pivotal role in shaping his entrepreneurial journey. In a COBE interview from 2022,  Perry credited management adjunct professor Brian Sahr, “The biggest thing he gave me was his incredible support. He was excited about what we were doing [with ChatterQuant] which was a really great validator for me at such an early stage when we had literally generated no revenue.”

To learn more about Christian Perry, read Business student takes first place at Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge and Venture College Alumni Revolutionizes Finance

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