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Concurrent JD and MSAT

The concurrent JD/MSAT program, offered in conjunction with the University of Idaho College of Law (“UI College of Law”), allows students to get both the JD and the MSAT in 3 or 3.5 years rather than the usual 4 years. Only a general overview of the program is provided here. For more information, consult the applicable sections of the Graduate Catalog or contact Mark Cowan.

For JD students to be admitted to the MSAT, Boise State generally looks for:

  • 3.0 or better undergraduate GPA
  • 150 or better LSAT
  • Completed at least a course in basic accounting

o   LAW 921 Accounting for Law Students counts

  • Interest in tax law

Important Notes:


  • The program is best suited for students working on their law degree on the Boise campus of the University of Idaho.
  • To comply with accreditation standards, the University of Idaho College of Law will not count credits earned in Boise State’s MSAT program towards the JD degree unless such credits are taken after the student has completed their first year of law school at the College of Law. Accordingly, students interested in the concurrent degree program should initiate their studies at the College of Law and then begin taking MSAT courses at Boise State after they have completed their first year of law school. See Information on admission to the JD program at the University of Idaho College of Law.

A student must satisfy the requirements of both the JD and MSAT programs, as well as the requirements of the Concurrent JD/MSAT Program. Students are subject to all policies and procedures outlined in Boise State University’s Graduate Catalog as well as the UI College of Law’s Student Handbook, the College of Law Honor Code and the University of Idaho’s Catalog except as noted herein.

Up to 12 MSAT credits are allowed toward the JD. To receive this credit, a student must receive a grade of B or higher in a course approved by the UI College of Law faculty for law credit. Consult the University of Idaho College of Law for details and requirements for transfer credit.

JD/MSAT students must take a minimum of 18 credits at Boise State toward the minimum of 30 credits required for the MSAT, See JD-MSAT-Key-Points-2019 for more details.