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Hey Alum! You’ve completed your MBA and are making great contributions to your organization and business community. But, just because you’re no longer a student doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Connecting with fellow MBA alumni provides the opportunity to share your own professional successes, insights, experiences and learning curves, as well as learn from other talented business leaders from across the United States.

Here are the following ways to stay connected to Boise State’s MBA Alumni network bolstering 1,100+ MBA graduates:

  1. Join the private MBA Alumni LinkedIn group – request access here.
  2. Submit the MBA Alumni Engagement Form so a member or our team can connect you with other alumni in your geographic location or that specialize in an area of business that’s of interest to you.
  3. Get involved every March for “Alumni Connection” Month for special in-person and virtual events and opportunities. Make sure you’re on our alumni newsletter email list for updates.

Have questions or want to be added to the alumni newsletter list? Email Rachel Bagnard at

MBA students at graduation