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Community Engagement & Opportunities for Collaboration

Boise State College of Business and Economics (COBE): MBA Projects and Internships

Hands-on projects for high-value results.

Collaborate with COBE MBA students on a real-world project for your organization. In this win-win opportunity, your business can solve problems, generate new ideas and gain insights from our top graduate students.

Why partner with COBE MBA students?

  • Top Talent – Our MBA students are driven, motivated and bring diverse experiences and skills.
  • Fresh Perspective – Get innovative solutions from different generations and those outside your industry.
  • Community Impact – Contribute to educational growth and professional development.
  • Knowledge and Oversight – Led by outstanding faculty, our student groups have the knowledge and guidance to effectively partner with professionals.

Have questions or need more information on which class / opportunity may be right for your business? Contact Ally Daniels – to discuss further.

Learn more about the available collaboration projects by selecting the MBA student group of interest to you:

Career Track MBA Opportunities

Student Profile:

Students who have recently completed an undergraduate degree (often in areas other than business) and have limited work experience, attending daytime classes full-time.

Professional MBA Opportunities

Student Profile:

Full-time, working professionals attending in-person evening courses. Average age is 33, average 8 years of managerial experience.

Executive MBA Opportunities

Student Profile:

Full-time, working professionals with 12+ years of management experience. These students are C-level executives, Directors and VP’s with high level experience and insights.