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User Fees

Notice: New user fee effective 10/01/2019. 

User Categories:

A: Internal BSU users
B: External, federally-funded academic users
C: External commercial users

User Fees (cost per hour unless otherwise noted):

FESEM (FEI Teneo)$75$105.38$200
SEM (Hitachi)$65$91.33$190
EPMA$50 $70.25$200
XRD (Bruker)$40$56.20$125
XRD (Rigaku) per pattern$35$49.18$100
XRF (per sample)$20$28.10$100
Optical Microscopy$15$21.08$50
Ion Beam Thinning$10$14.05$75
Jet Polishing (per sample)$5$7.03$25
Mechanical Grinding/Polishing$15$21.08$50
Dimple Grinding$5$7.03$70
Ion Slicer (per sample)$40$56.20$200

Operational assistance (if applicable/required):

Technical Assistance$75$105.37$180

Internal BSU users without sufficient funding for characterization may apply for a subsidy to use BSCMC facilities.