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X-Ray and Electron Microscopy Lab

The X-Ray and Electron Microscopy Lab (XEML) hosts significant materials characterization capacity, with capabilities including TEM, SEM, XRD, optical microscopy and XRF. The lab also has sample preparation capabilities for optical and electron microscopy.

Location: Micron Engineering Center (MEC) 113

Contact: or

The following table lists the XEML user fees.

FESEM (FEI Teneo)$75$105$200
SEM (Hitachi)$65$91$190
EPMA$50 $70$200
XRD (Bruker)$50$70$125
XRD (Rigaku) per pattern$40$56$100
XRF (per sample)$20$28$100
Optical Microscopy$15$21$50
Ion Beam Thinning$10$14$75
Jet Polishing (per sample)$5$7$25
Mechanical Grinding/Polishing$15$21$50
Dimple Grinding$5$7$70
Ion Slicer (per sample)$40$56$200
Technical Assistance--$105$180