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Surface Science Lab

Surface Science Lab:  MCMR 126


Office:  MCMR 210H

Office Phone: (208) 426-2091

The Surface Science Lab (SSL) is a multiuser facility at Boise State University that houses a suite of 5 atomic force microscopes (AFMs) with complementary capabilities for nanoscale characterization of surface topography and electrical, magnetic, and mechanical properties of materials in air or fluid.

ServiceBSU Internal
Rate A
Rate B
Rate C
Phenom SEM$5.00$7.03$25.00
Dimension 3100 AFM$5.00$7.03$25.00
MultiMode 8 AFM$5.00$7.03$35.00
Ambient Dimension Icon/FastScan AFM$7.75$10.89$50.00
Glovebox Dimension Icon/FastScan AFM$14.50$20.37$75.00
Hysitron Nanoindenter$15.00$21.08$50.00
Anasys nanoIR3-s AFM-IR/s-SNOM$20.00$28.10$100.00
Technical Assistance$25.00$35.13$75.00