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Request for information if you are interested in the Construction Management program at Boise State.

Freshmen and Degree Change

Maribel Saucedo-Gonzalez

CM Advisor

CMAdvisor YouCanBook.Me

Office: 208 426-2672

RUCH 301

Second Degree Seeking

Robert Hamilton, Ph.D.,P.E.

Associate Professor

Office:  208 426-1447

RUCH 311

What Mathematics course do I take?

The first question is to determine the appropriate level of Mathematics course to register for. The following information can be used in conjunction with your Math ACT or SAT scores to determine the appropriate math course to take the first semester. If you do not have an ACT or SAT score, the Accuplacer is available to make the placement decision.

    • Students that score between 18 and 22 for ACT, or between 430 and 530 for the SAT, should sign up for Math 108 (Intermediate Algebra).
    • Students that score between 23 and 26 on the ACT, or between 540 and 619 for the SAT, should sign up for Math 143 (Advanced Algebra). Math 143 is a 3 credit course; Math 144 is a 2 credit course. You need to take either Math 143 AND 144 over two semesters, or, you may take both Math 143 and 144 in one semester. Taking both courses is a very difficult, so it is not recommended to take more than 12 credits if you sign up for both Math 143 and Math 144.
    • Students that score between 27 and 28 on the ACT, or between 620 and 649 for the SAT, should sign up for Math 144 (Trigonometry); Math 144 is a 2 credit course.
    • Students that score 29 or higher on the ACT, or 650 or higher on the SAT should sign up for Math 160 or 170 (Calculus I).
    • Students that receive an AP placement score of 3, 4 or 5 on the Calculus AB Advanced Placement exam, have completed their math requirements in Construction Management.

Accuplacer Examination

If you feel that the ACT or SAT exam score does not accurately reflect your ability in Math, or did not take recently take the ACT or SAT, then we recommend you take the Accuplacer placement examination to determine the appropriate mathematics course. Your highest placement score is used (whether SAT, ACT or Accuplacer). Boise State University has a testing center where the Math Accuplacer exam can be taken for $25.00. To take the Accuplacer placement exam, bring photo ID and cash to cover the testing fee. Call 208 426 2762 to obtain information about when the testing center is open. You are allowed to take the exam twice each semester or during the summer, if you desire. It is worthwhile reviewing some math before taking the exam!

The preparatory mathematics course sequence in engineering, beginning from the lowest, and moving up to the highest, is as follows: Math 25, Math 108, Math 143, 144, Math 170. The Accuplacer Exam results may suggest other math courses you are qualified to take, but you should restrict yourself to the ones on the list, taking the one that you qualify to take as a result of the Accuplacer exam.

    • A score lower than a 244 on the QAS portion of the Math Accuplacer exam the student should take MATH 025
    • A 244 or higher on the QAS portion of the Math Accuplacer is needed to enter MATH 108
    • A 256 or higher on the QAS a portion of the Math Accuplacer is needed to enter MATH 143
    • A 254 or higher on the AAF portion of the Math Accuplacer is needed to enter MATH 144
    • A 268 or higher on the AAF portion of the Math Accuplacer is needed to enter MATH 170

An excellent online mathematics program to learn math on your own, or to just review math during the summer, can be found on the ALEKS website If you work this online tutorial for an hour a day during the summer, you may find that you learn enough algebra to move your Accuplacer scores up to the next level math course. This will save you a semester in college and also the tuition fees.

English Requirements

The Write Class is an interactive online program that

    • Is designed for incoming students who need to take English 101, 101+, and/or 102.
    • Assists students in deciding which first-year writing course is the best fit for them during their first semester at Boise State.
    • Includes a reading and writing assessment, information about all of the courses, videos of students discussing the courses, information about test scores and work load expectations, and opportunities for students to seek further advising.

At the end of The Write Class, students are given a program-generated placement. You can find more information about the WriteClass on the First Year Writing Program page.

    • A score of 3 or 4 on the AP English Composition exam qualifies you to take ENGL 102.
    • A score of 5 on the AP English Composition exam means you do not to take either of the freshman English courses (ENGL 101 or ENGL 102). Of course, you may want to take an advanced English course, but that is up to you. You will need to complete the Request to Receive English Credit form and return it to the Register’s Office in the Admin Building room 110.

Course Recommendations

The courses listed below are broken out by the Math placement level.

If you place into Math 15 or Math 25

      • Math 25 (3)
      • English (3)
      • ECON 202 (3)
      • COMM 101 (3)
      • ITM 105 (1)

Total Credits: (13)

If you place into Math 108

      • Math 108 (3)
      • English (3)
      • ECON 202 (3) or COMM 101 (3)
      • FH class (3)
      • ITM 105 (1)

Total Credits: (13)

If you place into Math 143

      • Math 143 and/or Math 144 (3 or 5)
      • English (3)
      • ITM 105 (1)
      • CMGT 120 (3)
      • ECON 202 (3)

Total Credits: (13 or 15)

* Note: consider also taking CMGT 110 (3) and CMGT 111 (1)

If you place into Math 160 / 170

      • Math 160 or 170 (4)
      • English (3)
      • ITM 105 (1)
      • CMGT 120 (3)
      • CMGT 110 (3) and CMGT 111 (1)

Total Credits: (15)

*Special Note: CMGT 110, CMGT 111, and CMGT 120 are offered spring and fall.

CM Course Frequency

Frequency of the Construction Management Courses (CMGT) can be found in the table below.

Courses not listed are seldom offered, and only by arrangement with the department. Internship CMGT 493, is arranged through the department with the Departmental Internship Coordinator.

Course Fall Spring
CMGT 110 Yes Yes
CMGT 111 Yes Yes
CMGT 120 Yes Yes
CMGT 201 Yes Yes
CMGT 210 Yes No
CMGT 211 Yes No
CMGT 245 Yes Yes
CMGT 310 Yes Yes
CMGT 320 No Yes
CMGT 350 Yes No
CMGT 360 Yes No
CMGT 361 Yes No
CMGT 367 Yes Yes
CMGT 374 No Yes
CMGT 385 No Yes
CMGT 410 Yes No
CMGT 417 Yes Yes
CMGT 420 No Yes
CMGT 460 Yes Yes
CMGT 475 Yes Yes
CMGT 485 Yes Yes