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Construction Management Lab Expansion

Concept art for lab expansion

The Lab Updates and Expansion Will,

1. CM Students and BuildingReplace existing CM lab structure to include:

  • student collaboration area;
  • 45 seat computer and construction technology
  • classroom;
  • communal break room; and,
  • open-air access to the outside learning area

2. New high bay structure to add:

  • an overhead crane;
  • separate area for equipment and hazardous storage; and,
  • a new roof and skin to the exterior

3. Enhanced exterior lab activity area

Floor Plans
CM Floor Plans

The Building

  • COST: $2 Million

Investment Levels

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Naming Opportunities

  • Facility Naming
  • Classroom
  • High Bay
  • Plaza
  • Student Lounge
  • Student Breakout Area

Invitation to Invest

The building update and expansion project allows our students to receive hands-on professional work experience, and apply knowledge gained in the classroom to the job site. Join us in support of the lab expansion through your philanthropic gifts, in-kind or cash.

Contact Casey Cline at, 208-426-3764 or Chrissy Shelton at, 208-426-1422.

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