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Industry info Sessions

Industry Info Sessions are a special one-on-one opportunity for your business to come in and present to our CM students. This is a specifically unique opportunity where you can interact with potential employees, complete with follow-up with 30 minute interviews with targeted candidates.

Information Sessions are $400 and are scheduled M-Th, 6-8pm.

  • Bring your presentation on a drive, devices, or accessible by internet.
  • Projection systems and PC provided. You may use your own device-connection availability not guaranteed.
  • Food/beverages are typically provided by visiting company.
  • Parking permits available upon request.
  • Hotel accommodations:
  • Follow-up student interviews are scheduled on the following day in 30 minute intervals with a one hour lunch break. These can be scheduled at the Boise State Career Center, or in the Charles P. Ruch Engineering Building.

Please fill this questionnaire out as thoroughly as possible so we can help you and our students have a successful info-session experience.